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VocalBoothToGo.co.uk announces PRESALE on new products!

We have great news, everybody: our new product, VOMO, is going to be available soon for delivery in the UK and Europe!

VOMO is the Voice Over MObile recording studio that gives voice actors Voice Over MObility and allows everyone who records vocals or voice over to do more with VOMO! 🙂

if you can’t wait, get VOMO now!

We are also introducing new size of acoustic blankets – Studio size VB77G and VB76 G which are 3 meter tall and 2 meter wide, which quickly became very popular in the United states among Broadcast and radio stations and professional audio recording studios.


But wait!

The new inventory is only coming on or after October 20 2017! And we already have people asking for these new products!

 To encourage our early adopters we announce this Early Bird REWARDS program:

The sooner you purchase, the bigger discount you get. (Well, you would have to wait longer too, but it is coming! Good things come to the ones who can wait. ) 

For the wisest who makes purchase between now and October 8– use coupon code:         20

for  Very Early Bird Reward    20% off,

For the wise, but cautious, who want to look around, if purchased between October 09 and October 15 -use coupon code:15

for  Early Bird Reward    15% off,

For the smart shoppers, who are trying to catch up,  we still have a great deal until October 22 – use coupon code:     10

for  Smart Shopper Reward    10% off.

and finally for procrastinators we will extend the discount time from October 23 to October 29 – Use coupon code:  5

for Procrastinator’s “You Still Made it!” Reward 5% off.

After that – sorry, things are back to normal pricing.  So please make sure to tell your friends to get in before it’s too late. You will be doing them a favour!

Boring but important:
These coupons apply only for the following products:

VOMO – Voice Over MObile Audio Recording Studio
AVB33 – Acoustic Vocal booth 3 x 3
AVB66 – Acoustic Vocal booth 6 x 6
Studio Size Blankets VB 77G Black  (Single and pack of four)
Studio Size Blankets VB 76G Black and White  (Single and pack of four)