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 Carry on Vocal booth intro Seuss            Ode to Carry-on Vocal Booth to Go!

Do you like to travel man?

     Oh I like that, tell me when?

                           But my work? I am in a jam!

If you travel over there

                        Would you record it here or there?

I wouldn’t like record it here.

                               I would like record it there.
        I want to record it ANYWHERE!

I am not some sneaky wuss

                                  I will get recording booth!

I will take it on a plane and I till take on a train.

     I can go on and on

             If I have the CARRY ON!


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VocalBoothToGo.co.uk  About:

At VocalBoothToGo we create effective and inexpensive products to reduce echo and reverberations, help with acoustic room treatment in your home recordinbg studio , on a set or your posdcast studio.  Voice over actors, musicians and audio recording engineers recommed us to their friends and clients.  Producers choice acoustic sound blankets and portable Carry-on Vocal booth are the tools you need to make your recording sound that it was done in a  professional Studio, regardless where it was actually reacorded.

The company was borne literally by the audio producer's demand for efficient and price conscious products.

Acoustic foam dominated the market, but it was extremely expensive, and unaffordable for artists who were starting up.
So we started receiving requests to develop a sound absorption blanket that would be as efficient as acoustic foam, but much less expensive.

Producers choice acoustic sound blanket was created to do just that. It started in the USA. We started with removal blanket and filled it in with highly effective cotton sound absorption fibers.
We used 2 inch parallel stitched quilting pattern to allow the inside filler to expand and absorb more sound. We use two color options: all Black with Black thread - so the blanket is invisible on a movie set, which was the requirement by movie producers and Black and white - so the blanket can be use with white surface out for better light reflection on photo set or just so the room feels larger and less claustrophobic.
The resulting product was a winner! it is actually more effective in sound absorption than acoustic foam of comparable thickness and it is many times less expensive than acoustic foam. Plus it is washable, durable, can be easily installed in residential homes. Can be taken to work on location, it was successfully used to remedy acoustics for live stage music.

As technology developed, artists were able to create music and record audio in their home. and our sound absorption blankets allow them to control acoustics in the room.

As the time went by more and more people learned about our products and we had shipped it all over the world ( except to Antarctica, although i do think that Penguins would like them too).

And in response to new demand we designed soundproofing and noise reduction products such as Window noise reduction treatment, door noise control blankets, and so on.

Here you can find innovative and highly effective products for your acoustic room treatment and soundproofing needs. Our products are designed with Voice over actors and Music recording enthusiasts and professionals .

Producer’s choice acoustic blankets for soundproofing, were tested in acoustic lab and have NRC 0.8 ( 80% sound absorption) or even NRC0.95 ( 95% sound absorption) when used in pleated manner.
Besides being better than acoustic foam in sound absorption Producer's choice sound blankets sound better as well! they have a more linear sound absorption characteristics along the frequency range. unlike acoustic foam that rips out the mid range frequencies, making your recording sounding boomy.

Based on success of our acoustic sound blankets we designed truly portable vocal booths, mobile walk in vocal booth. Mobile sound booths with enhanced soundproofing panels.

We are also pioneering Vocal Booth Rentals, which we can deliver to your venue when you need them.

Please browse our site or e-mail us to

Thank you for your support!




I Like Yours (portable vocal booth) The Best!

"Your design [Carry-On Vocal Booth] is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. Harlan's booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption . .  .I like yours much better!"

James R. Alburger,
VoiceActing Academy, VoiceOver

The Hanging Vocal Booth Made My Day!

"This is really going to help me progress in this great buisness. I live on the gulf coast, and there isn't access to many studios so I was trying to make my own in my home.The hanging booth will instantly improve on the quality of my recordings. Once again, great product ....... "

Michael Hall,
Voice Actor

Vocal Booth-- An "A" and Delivers Exactly What It Says!

"The Vocal Booth on Tracks in an Option for Space Challenged Voice Talents . . . and Yahoo! I now have my own recording room and, even better, I can whisk its walls aside whenever I need to."

Randye Kaye,
Voice Actress

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