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Acoustic Blankets for sound absorption PRODUCER’S CHOICE designed to be used for acoustic room treatment, sound absorption panels, sound blankets, and blankets for soundproofing
Why do you need sound blankets?
Acoustic blankets Producer’s choice will make your audio recording sound better. They will make your recording sound better by removing unwanted noise in the room, the noise of sound reflected off the walls and bouncing around. So you record only what was meant to be recorded.

Sound absorption is the ability of material to reduce the energy of sound waves. Sound absorption panels are not meant to stop sound. They are highly effective for acoustic room treatment to reduce echo and reverb, which you hear in a room with hard surfaces such as bare walls and create acoustically dead recording space this will result in high quality audio recordings.

With that goal in mind, we created our line of Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets. Producers choice sound blankets have substantial sound absorptive cotton filler and sound transparent outer fabric.

Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets were tested in Professional acoustic lab to show an impressive 95% noise reduction ( NRC 0.95), when hung in pleated fashion.
SPECIAL VOLUME DISCOUNTS on Acoustic Sound Blankets:
The more you buy – the more you save:
Proper treatment of your recording space requires more than just one or two blankets.
We understand that for large space or to double up on your treatment you need more blankets.
It quickly becomes more expensive to get proper acoustic treatment.
For customers who buy acoustic sound blankets in bulk we offer special discount codes:

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