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    1. Voice Over MObile recording studio – VOMO

    Voice Over MObile recording studio – VOMO is the best Portable vocal booth on the market. It delivers great acoustic performance and consistent acoustic treatment anywhere you go. Unlike any other portable booth it provides a 360 degrees treatment and a voice actor speaks completely inside the booth, which is the “secret” for the great clear sound.
    Unlike Acoustic foam lined portable vocal booths VOMO does not have any boominess or Boxiness. It is spacious inside for your laptop or tablet, it comes with bright LED light, and plenty of other accessories.
    Durable and washable. Strong support guarantees that it will not go “sluggish ‘ on you and will serve for years to come to assure your success.
    It is practical and very stylish.

    £359.99 Price excluding VAT
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    Tripod – Aluminum Stand For VOMO

    The NEW travel tripod that is designed to work with our world famous carry on vocal booth, VOMO.

    £121.50 Price excluding VAT
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    Universal Stand for Blankets and VOMO with mic pole


    Universal Stand is a great addition to our acoustic sound blankets.  We have specially designed it to support acoustic sound absorption panels 6.5 ft wide. Which allows easily create an acoustically treated area in any size room. Threaded mic mount is included to enable it to work with typical mic mounting screw-on type accessories. And specifically as a stand for VOMO – Portable recording studio.

    This stand weighs just 11 pounds yet it can hold up to 50 pounds and goes up to 9 feet tall.

    £76.50 Price excluding VAT
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    Portable Vocal Booths – VOMO