Shotgun Condenser Microphone VBM-90


Professional FET Condenser Microphone VBM-90S is a cardioid studio microphone with elegant design and clean sound.
This mic presents a very clean sound with good low frequencies and a crisp high end. When tested , against higher priced microphones, the internal noise of this mic was lower than the FET-201($800 mic) and comparable to the Sennheiser 416 ($1000). When playing recorded silence, internal noise is nearly inaudible.

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This Microphone, VBM-90S, was designed for Voice actors and audio recording professionals who travel a lot, to work with portable vocal booth. It is light weight, small shotgun microphone, that provides excellent quality sound recording.

It is very affordably priced, yet it delivers the sound quality of a high end microphone. This mic presents a very clean sound with good low frequencies and a crisp high end, when moving closer to te mic, it might get more susceptible to Popping, than large diaphragm mics. Proper use of the pop screen will eliminate popping. Popping is not a big issue with this mic.

When tested , the internal noise of this mic was lower than the FET-201 and comparable to the Sennheiser 416. When playing recorded silence, internal noise was nearly inaudible.

NOTE: Even though the overall sound quality is very close to the Sennheiser 416, by design VBM-90S cannot be worked at the same distance as 416. Which is not a problem when you are using it in the portable vocal booth.

This superior microphone is perfect for recording and stage reinforcement of acoustic guitar, drum overheads, hi-hats, snares, piano and horns. Powerful and versatile, it meets the stringent requirements of even the most demanding digital recording and live sound applications.

The VBM-90S has two switches: the 10dB attenuation switch and the low frequency roll-off switch. Power Requirement. – 48

Microphone includes:The Mic, Storage case, microphone stand mount.

Shotgun Condenser Microphone VBM-90S


β€’ Low-cutoff and –10dB attenuation switches for utmost versatility in all applications;
β€’ High sensitivity, extended smooth, full frequency response and very high SPL capability;
β€’ Slim design for minimal internal-noise and increased dynamic range;
β€’ Rugged, turned-brass housing and internal sub-assembly shockmount for maximum reliability

VBM-90S Tech Specs

WARNING! The capsule is the heart of the condenser microphone. If it becomes dirty or wet, the sound will be degraded. Never spray any liquid on the microphone head. Always use a foam windscreen if you talk or sing close to the microphone grill screen.

USING THE FOAM WINDSCREEN: The mic is supplied with a foam windscreen. This windscreen fits over the grill portion of the microphone and is designed primarily to decrease bass rumble (from wind noise pickup) during outdoor live or recording use. It is also useful in keeping mouth spray out of the microphone head.

The windscreen should be used whenever someone is close miked to both protect the microphone and to also eliminate β€œpopping” sounds from percussive breath sounds. (Note: Be aware that the foam windscreen will slightly attenuate the high frequency response of the microphone)

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