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    Large Vocal Booth Transporting Duffle Bag

    Roadworthy Carrying Bag for your Mobile Vocal Booth and all its parts!

    Double section design for metal frame and Absorption Panels. additional pockets for misc items.

    Hard bottom for better load support. Extendable Handle.  4 wheels for smooth ride. Does not exceed airport oversized luggage restrictions.

    £129.99 Price excluding VAT
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    Microphone Stand

    Microphone stand . Tripod.
    Max Height: 60 inches from the floor

    Weight: about 4 lbs

    Can be used with Carry-on Vocal Booth, script holder and other accessories.

    £22.77 Price excluding VAT
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    £49.50 Price excluding VAT
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    Shotgun Condenser Microphone VBM-90

    Professional FET Condenser Microphone VBM-90S is a cardioid studio microphone with elegant design and clean sound.
    This mic presents a very clean sound with good low frequencies and a crisp high end. When tested , against higher priced microphones, the internal noise of this mic was lower than the FET-201($800 mic) and comparable to the Sennheiser 416 ($1000). When playing recorded silence, internal noise is nearly inaudible.

    £74.65 Price excluding VAT
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