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    Microphone Stand

    Microphone stand . Tripod.
    Max Height: 60 inches from the floor

    Weight: about 4 lbs

    Can be used with Carry-on Vocal Booth, script holder and other accessories.

    £22.77 Price excluding VAT
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    Shotgun Condenser Microphone VBM-90

    Professional FET Condenser Microphone VBM-90S is a cardioid studio microphone with elegant design and clean sound.
    This mic presents a very clean sound with good low frequencies and a crisp high end. When tested , against higher priced microphones, the internal noise of this mic was lower than the FET-201($800 mic) and comparable to the Sennheiser 416 ($1000). When playing recorded silence, internal noise is nearly inaudible.

    £74.65 Price excluding VAT
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