I am pleased with your product!

I’ve recently installed 3 sound blankets in my home office/studio and hung 1 ceiling baffle. I have another baffle I want to hang but not sure as to best location. I’m attaching pics of what I did so far. I am pleased with your product, my wife is especially happy about the sound reduction!

Ceiling Sound Baffle

2021 October

Jeff Silberman

Thanks for everything!

What can I say but thank you Vocal Booth to Go! I have been truly impressed with the products I've had the pleasure of using. As with so many starting out in VO, I'd started by using a 'top brand' acoustic foam to treat my space, and while they managed to help, the difference was drastic when I switched to using the PC blankets. Not only were they easier to mount, and covered a lot more area for much less money, they really helped improve my sound quality. Plus, they're easier to transport if you have to hit the road! The other product that really caught my attention is the VBM-90s small condenser microphone. I'd really been wanting a Sennheiser MKH-416, like you do, but I just didn't have the dough for it. I'd scoured the internet, listened to numerous mic shootouts and read dozens of posts about affordable ways to try and get that sweet sound. Then someone sent me their own mic shootout between their 416 and the VBM-90s...and I actually guessed wrong which was which! That did it. I got one, and it truly is an amazing mic for the price. I've even used it to do drop in pickups into my demo that were originally recorded on the 416 and it fit right in. I cannot recommend this mic enough to anyone who either wants that sound but doesn't have the money or just to have as an extra piece for your mic locker. You cannot beat it! Thanks for everything!  

Curt Bonnem

Your blankets are AWESOME. :)

Please add me to the presumably very large number of people who think your blankets are AWESOME. :)

Cad D. Edinburgh

Vocal Booth To Go “Really Pleased with the purchase”

Acoustic Blankets for soundproofing

Just a quick message of thanks for the excellent service provided and the quality of the blanket and screws ordered this week. Really impressed with the delivery- 2 days, and the quality of the blanket... it really has made a great difference to the music room and my son's loud drum kit. Impressive. Many thanks.

Peter Coldwell


Hi Jeff, We successfully received the blankets and I have used them to construct a 1.8m by 1.8m practice room. We tested it last night with my wife going outside into the street. The flute/clarinet cannot be heard at all; soprano and alto sax are extremely faint and tenor was most obvious, but any ambient noise in the street covers the sound and people walking by didn’t even look up at the noise. We are very pleased with the results from a noise minimisation perspective. In terms of creating a room for practising and recording, I am also very happy. I can hear every minute wobble in my tone and I even heard a pad leak from my clarinet! Click vocalboothtogo Shop VB70G. Sound Blankets Producers Choice- White-Black. Size 80×80 with Grommets. Single. I have put up some photos on my Facebook page, and I’ve already had enquiries from friends, so hopefully you will get a few more orders from Australia. Thank you for the follow-up and best wishes to you and yours. Regards,  


More curious 6’x6’ vocal booth to go

I am a HAPPPPPPYYYYY owner of your 6’x6’ vocal booth to go. I am curious, though, if you have any suggestions for a decent ventilation system. It’s only an issue during long-form narration thanks!!!

London, United Kingdom

The Vomo product is excellent in many respects !

Portable vocal booth voice over

The VOMO product I bought from you is excellent in many respects. As a voice-over artist on the move it provides me with excellent portable recording studio quality at a reasonable price. I had been contemplating purchasing a similar product from another company that is twice the price. I am also very impressed by the customer service and the excellent instruction video. October 31, 2017

From UK

Review of Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 – Video Testimonial

Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 REVIEW.

This video is a courtesy of an accomplished voice over actor from Canada – Daniel Pronce. He was very happy with his mobile acoustical Vocal booth, so he made a review for his subscribers and generously sent us a copy to use. See how he set up the booth, fit his audio equipment, microphones etc. Daniel also described how the booth arrived and how easy it was to assemble the vocal booth. He also included sound samples. ( singing and playing guitar). Order here: Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, AVB33

I Like Yours (portable vocal booth) The Best!


"Your design [Carry-On Vocal Booth] is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. Harlan's booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption...   I like yours much better!"

James R. Alburger
VoiceActing Academy, VoiceOver

The Hanging Vocal Booth Made My Day!

Michael Hall

"This is really going to help me progress in this great buisness. I live on the gulf coast, and there isn't access to many studios so I was trying to make my own in my home.The hanging booth will instantly improve on the quality of my recordings. Once again, great product ....... "

Michael Hall
Voice Actor

Vocal Booth– An “A” and Delivers Exactly What It Says!

Randye Kaye

"The Vocal Booth on Tracks in an Option for Space Challenged Voice Talents . . . and Yahoo! I now have my own recording room and, even better, I can whisk its walls aside whenever I need to."

Randye Kaye
Voice Actress