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    Door noise control, VB-73DNC

    Need to soundproof your door or a doorway? Due to the overwhelming demand of our customers, we created a double-layer blanket to go over the doorway or an existing door to reduce the noise coming through the doorway.

    People experience issues with noise through their doors and doorways because often times doors have gaps around the frame allowing a significant amount of sound to leave or enter a room. Our door blankets are designed to be attached to any door to significantly improve the sound transmission loss ability of the door and its frame. Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets used to make the door blanket have been professionally lab tested in a sound lab to absorb 80% of noise (NRC 0.8).

    £59.63 Price excluding VAT
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    Window Noise Control Blankets

    The Window Noise Control Blanket is made out of Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets, which is widely used by drummers, voice actors and others in audio and music industry for acoustic room treatment and sound absorption in recording studios.

    The window Noise Control Blankets is doubled up to increase noise reduction.

    £39.88 Price excluding VAT
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