I am pleased with your product!

Hi,I’ve recently installed 3 sound blankets in my home office/studio and hung 1 ceiling baffle. I have another baffle I want to hang but not sure as to best location. I’m attaching pics of what I did so far. I am pleased with your product, my wife is especially happy

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What is NRC ( Noise Reduction Coefficient)?

What does NRC and SAA stand for? Sound absorption properties of acoustic materials can be measured in lab tests. Specifications for materials used in sound absorption commonly include an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) for simplicity, in addition to more detailed frequency versus amplitude charts. The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound

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vocal booth to go

What is STC?

When building your home recording studio one of the important factors you have to deal with is the sound transmission. To determine their soundproofing quality materials are tested for sound transmission loss values, that can be measured, and rated in a single-number rating system – Sound Transmission Class (STC). The STC rating figure

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Thanks for everything!

What can I say but thank you Vocal Booth to Go! I have been truly impressed with the products I’ve had the pleasure of using. As with so many starting out in VO, I’d started by using a ‘top brand’ acoustic foam to treat my space, and while they managed

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Mobile sound isolation booth 6 x 3 with door with soundproofing


WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE  THE NEW SPB-2019 BOOTH MODELS ! Number of booths is limited, so it is sold on first come- first served basis. We have 3 sizes of booths available, SPB33, SPB63 and SPB66. Each size will have a single wall and enhanced double-wall option. This is what

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Sound Booth 6 x 6 with Soundproofing

Mobile Soundproof(er) Sound Booth 2018 model

Advantages of the SoundProof(er) Sound Booth 2018. The new booth was completely redesigned to improve efficiency, convenience and appearance. Even before we announced that the new SoundProofer Vocal Booth was ready to ship we were getting multiple inquiries: <<Hello!  When are you getting the new version of the Soundproof(er) booth

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