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    VB-SB. Sound Booth Blankets Producers Choice White-Black. Size...

    Sound Booth Producer Choice Blankets were designed to go on a frame of a sound booth for sound absorption and preventing the “boomy” sound.
    They measure 203 cm wide by 203 cm long with nine 5 cm Velcro tie ups at the top. The tie ups are for suspending the blankets on a horizontal support bar. So if you, for example, made your own  frame out of 1 inch PVC pipes, you can easily hang these blankets on that frame.The blankets also include 5 grommets. This allows then to be used as a wall blanket and you can hang them the usual way on a screw hook.

    • Color : One side Black, the other side – white.
    • Size : 203 cm x 203 cm
    • Weight : 4.5 kg per blanket.
    • Absorption efficiency : NRC 0.8 ( 80% Sound absorption)
    • Grommets : 5 grommets
    • Velcro:  5 Velcro tie ups



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