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Vocal booth portable

In this category, you'll discover innovative solutions for professional sound recording. Portable vocal booths are engineered to isolate sound, eliminate unwanted echoes, and ensure pristine audio quality for voice-over recordings, singing, or musical instrument performances. However, traditional portable vocal booths come with drawbacks. They are stationary, often require complex installation, and lack portability. Our portable vocal booths stand out for their simple frame, easy deployment, and portability.

Our AVB portable vocal booths stand out for their simple frame, easy assemly, and portability. Mainly thanks to aluminum frame that can be assembled or disassembled in minutes into compact dimensions and walls of our easy-to-fold acoustic curtains with high sound absorption (NRC 0.8)

However, the prime example of portability is the VOMO. This portable vocal booth is designed with mobility and user-friendliness in mind. Thanks to its folding construction, the VOMO can be quickly and easily assembled or disassembled, allowing users to achieve optimal acoustics anywhere, anytime. Foldable, lightweight, and easily transportable, the VOMO sets a new standard in the realm of acoustic booths, offering unmatched flexibility and performance.

By utilizing special acoustic material, portable vocal booths eliminate unwanted echoes and deliver crystal-clear sound. The 360-degree closure with an acoustic ceiling ensures optimal recording without disruptive elements. Portable vocal booths are not only ideal for singing, voice-over work, and audiobook recording, but they also provide unique benefits for mobile journalists and professionals in need of quality sound on the go.