How to travel with vocal booth on a plane. Portable Carry-on Vocal Booth flying high!

Can you take Carry-on Vocal Booth (COVB) and VOMO (Voice Over mobile recording studio) on a plane?

The answer is YES and NO.
I have traveled with COVB, and then VOMO, both domestically and internationally few times. USA, Europe, South America, China, and I was always allowed to have VOMO with me on a plane. It perfectly fits in the overhead bin of large planes, and in small planes they put it in a closet.
This is why I said β€œYES”.
β€œNO” is because it actually exceeds the maximum allowed size for the carry-on luggage.

Airlines often specify that a carry-on bag may not exceed 45 linear inches (length plus width plus height).

On most airlines maximum Carry-on Baggage size allowance is similar and it is something like this:
Sum of L + W+ H should not exceed 115 cm ( 45”)
Where maximum L (Length) = 56 cm ( 22”); W (Width) = 36 cm (14”); H (Height) = 23 cm (9”)
But this VARY on different airlines.

Sometimes on the same route different connecting flights may treat the luggage differently , and what one airline allows, the connecting airline might disallow and they might ask you to check the luggage in. It never happened to me with VOMO, but it is possible.

Why would you want to take the Portable Vocal Booth with you on a plane anyway?
Well, sometimes on a long travel, there might be a long time between connecting flights. Sometimes it is more than 5 – 8 hrs. So if you have your Portable Sound Booth with you, you can turn that down time into a productive time. VOMO allows to carry all your recording equipment together.
I realize that it might be difficult to find a quiet spot for audio recording at an airport, but VOMO does reduce the outside noise by about 10 dB, and a lounge is usually very quiet.

VOMO is a Voice Over Mobile Recording Studio that can turn any environment into a perfectly suitable space for audio recording. It delivers consistent acoustics no matter where you are. Remember, It is NOT designed to be soundproof. That would be counterproductive. It is designed to cancel echo and reflections, so you can record clear direct sound as it was intended. And this VOMO does very well.
See more about VOMO – Voice Over MObile Recording Studio here: Voice Over Mobile Booth – VOMO!
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Do MORE with VOMO!
Primarily designed for Voice Over actors, as portable recording studio, VOMO is a perfect solution for any vocalist who needs to record on the go or at home without spending a fortune on a walk in Sound booth. VOMO works great for voice over professionals and the new to the business of voice over. For professionals it provides a reliable and consistent acoustic environment wherever they go. It opens a new possibility to travel and still be available to do quick recordings for an important client. For new-comers to the business it takes away the headache of building your own studio and worrying about good sound. VOMO is extremely efficient and very cost effective
VOMO provides mobility to voice actors and vocalists, so they do not have to be tied up to a studio in fear of losing an important client.

From creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize sound absorption. Studios, Vocal professionals, Voiceover artists, Audio Engineers, and Home studios use our products everyday to control their sound environment.

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