Soundproof curtains UK - Width of curtains - 160cm

Exploring Soundproof Curtains in UK

Soundproof curtains play a crucial role in mitigating noise intrusion through windows and sometimes doors. The distinction between a soundproofing curtain and an acoustic curtain lies in its weight per square meter. A true soundproofing curtain must weigh at least 900g per 1m²; anything less qualifies as an acoustic curtain.

Traditionally, soundproofing curtains comprise multiple layers of molton sewn together. However, our approach differs. We craft our soundproofing curtains by incorporating a specialized, health-safe filler sandwiched between two layers of fabric, resulting in a significantly higher weight per 1m².

It's essential to consider the weight capacity of your curtain rod, as the heaviest options can weigh up to 2900g per 1m². Ensure your curtain rod can support this weight before making a purchase.

Furthermore, merely installing a heavy curtain won't suffice if there are gaps between the curtain and the wall. Without proper sealing, sound can easily permeate through these openings, negating the soundproofing effect. To maximize effectiveness, employ a system to press the curtain tightly against the wall, minimizing gaps and preventing noise leakage.

Beyond their primary function of noise reduction, soundproofing curtains also offer additional benefits. Their weight and thickness make them effective thermal insulators and blackout curtains, enhancing the overall comfort and ambiance of any space.