Sound proof booths

Soundproof booths:

Soundproof booth is a type of booth designed primarily to prevent noise from entering the interior or exterior of the booth. It is mainly used by people who want to record their voice with a microphone and want their recording to be free of siren noises or other annoying noises, or by musicians and singers who want to practice on their musical instrument or singing and not disturb their environment. Even companies are installing soundproof booths in their spaces so that their employees can make phone calls in peace, do live streams, broadcasts, or simply work in an uninterrupted and focused manner. Of course, there are many other uses such as measurement purposes, in-house manufacturing processes, quality sleep, etc.

There are several types of soundproof booths, the basic division is as follows:

Soundproof booths with fixed wall:

This is a model that usually uses ordinary wood particle boards or solid boards that do not have good sound-absorbing properties on their own. However, there are also very premium and expensive models  that use special soundproofing plates.

Then, manufacturers wrap these plates with regular mats and place acoustic panels, usually made of felt or acoustic foam, inside. Of course, the premium models use higher quality materials.

This type is unfortunately characterized by a significant boxed sound, because inside, due to the limited space, manufacturers cannot use an adequate additional amount of acoustic panels and the sound bounces off the rigid walls of the booth, giving a sound like that of a box, and it is very difficult to correct this sound with equalizers to make it sound better and more natural.

Soundproof booths with flexible wall:

This model has walls made of soft material that can be rolled up. The only sound-absorbing material that is of sufficient quality to be used is MLV. This sound-absorbing panel also significantly improves efficiency when covered with a layer of felt that is several centimetres thick. This type of soundproof booth is manufactured by companies such as VocalBoothToGo.

This MLV model has no box sound, as the sound does not bounce inside the hard walls, but is evenly absorbed by the acoustic panels inside the booth and by the MLV and felt walls of the booth. Thus, these soundproof booths have a perfect sound that does not sound like a box, unlike conventional booths with fixed walls.

Another advantage of these soundproof booths is that they can be disassembled into a few backpacks, loaded into a car and moved to another location, and they are also much more affordable.

Acoustics in the soundproof booth:

Soundproof booths for voice recording or singing or musical instrument practice have fairly well-resolved acoustics inside, always better than if you were recording somewhere in an office or ordinary room.

While models intended for open office spaces have almost non-existent acoustics, as they usually have giant glass walls that do not absorb sound at all but simply reflect it, this type of soundproof booths intended for open office spaces is focused on aesthetics and a slight reduction of surrounding noise,  Not at all suitable for professionals concerned about sound quality.

However, it is important to realize that whether it is any booth that the transport company delivers to you or that you build yourself, the sound of these booths will not be perfect, because the interior space of these soundproof booths is preciously small, and to be able to absorb even the lowest frequencies (300Hz - 40Hz),  It is necessary to use gigantic massive acoustic panels (bass panels) to absorb these low frequencies. However, such massive acoustic panels don' t fit in soundproof booths, so inside these soundproof booths expect a "boom" type sound, it's a sound that has a lot of bass, but it's thankfully not as problematic as box sound, because when you're recording with microphones, you can just reduce the bass with an EQ and find a perfectly balanced sound even from a soundproof booth.