Sound insulation curtain - Length of curtains - 200cm

Sound insulation curtain

In urban environments or noisy neighborhoods, the intrusion of external sounds through windows or doors can disrupt peace and concentration indoors. Sound insulation curtains, specifically designed to minimize such disturbances, offer a practical solution. These curtains, recognized by their substantial weight of at least 1000 g/m², serve as a barrier against unwanted noise infiltration.

The key distinguishing factor of noise reduction curtains lies in their weight. Heavier curtains tend to be more effective at soundproofing. For optimal performance, look for s ound insulation curtain weighing over 1000 g/m². While some curtains may claim to reduce sound levels by 30 dB, achieving this level of noise reduction is challenging. However, curtains with a weight of 2600 g/m² can significantly reduce noise levels by up to 25 dB, coming remarkably close to the desired 30 dB reduction.

To maximize the effectiveness of noise reduction curtains, proper installation is crucial. Sealing the window adequately before installing the curtains ensures minimal sound leakage, potentially achieving the desired 30 dB noise reduction within the room.

Our sound insulation curtaind start at a weight of 1300 g/m², achieved by filling them with a specific acoustic material that is safe for health. This innovative approach provides superior soundproofing properties compared to curtains made from multiple layers of molton.

Beyond noise reduction, our curtains serve multiple purposes. They function as both noise reduction and acoustic curtains, blocking out light as blackout curtains, and offering thermal insulation, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency within your living space.

In conclusion, sound insulation curtain offer an effective solution for minimizing external noise infiltration, promoting a peaceful indoor environment conducive to relaxation and focus. By understanding their characteristics and optimizing their installation, you can harness the full potential of these curtains to create a quieter and more comfortable living space.