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Sound ART Acoustic Room Treatment

With many audio editing platforms available today, recording can be done in the comfort of your own home, although it is not as easy as buying a microphone and pressing “Record”.  Room acoustics are paramount. Every professional recording studio is fine-tuned to get the best sound possible.  It requires expertise and costs thousands of dollars to do a proper job in acoustic room treatment.  Yet in-home audio recording studios this often underestimated.  It is much more fun to talk about expensive mics, EQ (equalizers) and latest software that “removes” noise and optimizes your tracks all by itself.

But with proper acoustics you might not need all that!  Every room sounds different depending on the shape, size and build, yet they all have similar issues that can be corrected with proper acoustic treatment.

We now offer products and suggestions designed to help audio engineers to achieve just that – proper acoustics. Using Producer’s choice sound blankets for acoustic room treatment is effective and much less expensive that acoustic foam.  It covers more surface for less money, and with proper installation acoustic blankets tested to be as effective as 3 inch acoustic foam.

The suggestions in Sound Acoustic Room Treatment (Sound ART) are for different room sizes to treat your first reflections, reduce reverb time, and achieve a uniform frequency response throughout the room.

Suggested by, Sound ART designs will

  • Help to treat your first reflections by introducing sound absorption panels at the first reflection points.
  • Reduce reverberation time in your studio by absorbing sound reflected from the walls.
  • Help you to achieve uniform frequency response throughout the room by calculated placement of sound absorption blankets in strategic locations.
  • NOTE that Sound ART designs are just suggestions that can be further customized to perform best in your environment

One of the unique design features that Sound ART models include is the Corner absorption panels with Ceiling tracks.

We recommend two separate track kits, so you can place the blanket in the corners to work as bass traps.

The tracks are flexible, which means that you can shape the blankets on the track as concave  “ ) “ ,  Convex “ ( “ , or even as a semi column  “ C “  or column “ O “ shape. Each shape has its own advantages.  Even though the Acoustic blanket is absorbent and not reflective, the shape may interact with the sound waves differently, because of the variation in distance from the corner and adjacent walls, ( Concave vs Convex shape) or simply doubling the absorption layer at certain directions as in “C”  or “O” shape

Blankets suspended in “ C “ or “ O “ shape will serve as effective bass traps in your room.

Another feature is Free standing Sound absorption panels, which are especially effective in larger rooms.  These panels that can be moved around the room to break the sound waves bouncing around. The Unique feature of these panels is that they can be Acoustically advanced by filling the panel with “Safe and Sound” rockwool material for broadband frequency absorption.  You can insert a sheet of mass loaded vinyl or another limp mass barrier to tame the stubborn low frequency waves. Placing such absorption panel in a corner makes it very effective bass trap.

And of course the obvious advantage of acoustic room treatment with sound blankets is not only that you can take them away when your move, and even not that you can take your set up and use it at a different location, but you can change your room acoustics at will by covering more or less of the reflective surfaces in your room to make it more live or dead.

For more information about Acoustic room treatment with sound blankets, check out our acoustic sound blanket products.

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