Sound absorption curtains - Length of curtains - 285cm

Sound absorption curtains

Sound absorption curtains serve the purpose of reducing reverberation (echo) in the room where they are installed. This reduction is particularly beneficial in spaces with minimal furnishings where sound tends to bounce around, or during video recordings where clear speech is essential, or even while playing musical instruments, listening to music, or singing.

To qualify as acoustic, a sound absorption curtain must have a substantial weight, ideally at least 300g per square meter, though this is considered quite minimal. It's preferable for a curtain to weigh more than 1000g per square meter because increased weight enhances sound absorption, thus reducing sound reflection, which is key to better acoustics.

In rooms equipped with sound absorption curtains, speech clarity is notably improved as voices remain clear without undue reflection from the walls. This is appreciated in various settings, such as corporate meeting rooms, or even at home during family gatherings or casual conversations.

The versatility of sound absorption curtains extends to thermal insulation due to their heavier weight, and depending on the fabric and padding used, they can also function as blackout curtains in certain instances.

VocalBoothToGo offers a range of sound absorption curtains solutions that are both effective and affordable. Our curtains weigh 1300g, 2600g, or more per square meter, ensuring optimal sound absorption for diverse environments.

Moreover, due to their increased weight, sound absorption curtains can also serve as thermal curtains and, depending on the fabric and padding, can double as blackout curtains in some cases.