Sound Absorbing Ceiling Baffles

Vocal Booth To Go is happy to offer a new product to help get your home studio acoustics under control.

Most acoustical solutions are either mounted on a wall like acoustic foam or sound absorbing panels, or standing on the floor, like free-standing sound absorption gobo.  These surfaces are lending themselves for easy support. But what about the ceiling?

Ceilings are a major reflective surface and often remains untreated.

VocalBoothToGo has been offering the ceiling tiles, that have grommets all around the perimeter and can be suspended on hooks off the ceiling.  These tiles work well in small enclosures to cover the ceiling in your booth.

For larger studios, installation is a bit less convenient since there is a need to use several hooks to hang the blanket. This requires you to do more work and make more holes in the ceiling.


Now we offer a new product – The Ceiling Baffle.

Ceiling Sound Baffle blanket    Sound absorption panels    Ceiling sound baffle blanket for sound absorption

This “new” product is actually a forgotten yet very effective old sound absorption ceiling baffle.

It has several advantages:

First of all, the baffle can be suspended from the ceiling using only two hooks or strings. So installing several baffles in a larger studio is much easier and requires less drilling and less hardware.

Secondly, the baffle not only cancels the sound reflected directly off the ceiling, but also the sound going across the room. And because you would normally install several baffles in a ceiling, they may absorb more low-frequency noise than an acoustic blanket that is installed flat on the ceiling.

Thirdly, it can be shaped in a semicircle or to go around obstacles, such as air ducts or pipes.  It can also be used to hang in front of the air ducts to cover the ugly pipes and have a great acoustic treatment at the same time. We provide 8 grommets per baffle in order to be able to hang the blankets in a shape the best helps to fix your room’s acoustic problems

This Ceiling Baffle allows you to control the noise and reverberation reflected off of the ceilings and add dimension and acoustical control right where you need it the most.

This product is made out of our Producer’s Choice sound absorption material, NRC 0.8 ( 80% noise reduction). The length is 78 inches and the width is 19 inches. Its design allows you to hang the baffle in any shape to fit your needs.

This product is a great addition to noise reduction panels and sound absorption blankets.


If you have any questions about our Ceiling Baffle, give us a call at  (877) 428-6225 or fill out our contact form.

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