Sound Booth 6 x 6 with Soundproofing

Mobile Soundproof(er) Sound Booth 2018 model

Advantages of the SoundProof(er) Sound Booth 2018.

The new booth was completely redesigned to improve efficiency, convenience and appearance.

Even before we announced that the new SoundProofer Vocal Booth was ready to ship we were getting multiple inquiries:


 When are you getting the new version of the Soundproof(er) booth in stock?  When are you expected to start selling them? l>>

 <<I was wanting to know when you are expecting stock of the Mobile Sound Proofer Vocal booth SPB33, with soundproofing in the UK please as its showing out of stock?>>

 Well it took a while, but finally we have a new SoundProof(er) Sound Booth ready to hit the market in July this year ( 2018)

The new booth was completely redesigned to improve efficiency, convenience and appearance.

Yes, in that order!



First of all we minimized the number of parts that come with the booth, which made the assembly easier.  It also reduced the overall weight of the total booth without compromising the sound blocking efficacy.

Secondly we redesigned the panels and changed the way the parts are connected.  This gave two advantages:

1 – the wall and roof panels connection is tighter, neater and as a result there is less sound leaking through the panel connection;

2 – all walls are now the same, so the can be connected in different configuration and allow to build a large booths from the same parts. (obviously there should be more parts to build a larger booth).

And finally the most important design feature is a swing open door!  Now the booth works more like a traditional sound booth, where the door can be opened and closed. So there is not need to slide in between the panels and risk ruining your hair!

As a Bonus we included a soundproof anti vibration floor mat!

This feature was requested by many people to prevent the sound leaking to the apartment below.  It also important feature because the Booth now stands on top of the mat, which cancels the sound vibrations transmitted through the structural elements of the building, in other words through the floor.   Professional s would immediately appreciate this new feature because it provides additional decoupling of the Microphone stand.


It is a brand new booth, so we did not do an official sound test yes.  But we did test it.

We tested it two ways: how it blocks the outside noise from getting into the booth and how efficient it is in blocking the sound from getting out of the booth.

The booth was blocking about 27 – 30 dB of noise from the outside, and about 35 dB of noise from leaking from the booth out.

So all in all we are very happy with the new booth performance.



The booth comes packed in durable duffle bags.   So it can be easily packed away for storage or for transportation to a new location.  Bags can fit in a passenger car, but be aware they are still very heavy. So we do recommend to have a friend to help you carrying and assembling the booth.

But with the sound blocking capacity of about 27- 33 dB it is the most mobile Soundproof Booth available.  You can transport it in a car, on a train and on a plane (they would probably charge you a lot for the overweight, though).  You can even mail it to your new destination.

Assembly would take about 20 minutes. It can be assembled by one person, but we do advise you to get some help.

The booth assembly requires no tools and pretty much intuitive.


This new booth looks very cool!  We cut down on branding compare to the previous version. We only have one nice logo on the front door, just to say “Hi!”

The corners are all covers up and tight.  The booth looks much nicer, than the previous versions.

The door makes it look like a proper Sound booth.

It comes in one color – Black, and looks very professional.

This new booth will be a great fit for anyone who wants to work from home or office and block outside noise when they do their voice recording, or on the other hand if they want to practice without getting their neighbors upset.  Use it for Voice Over work, Singing practice, Practicing instruments.  Audiometry testing.  And any other application.



There are still challenges, of course.

The main challenge right now is Ventilation.  The duct of a quiet ventilation fan can be inserted under the wall panels, or in between the panels in the corners, but we are looking for a more permanent and more efficient solution.

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