VB70 – Sound Blankets Producers Choice White-Black. Size 80″x 80″ (Without Grommets)


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VB70 Sound Blankets Producers Choice- White-Black. NO Grommets.

VB 70 Sound Blankets Producers Choice for soundproofing, this sound absorption panel was designed to make your voice over and audio recording sound better. This is regular size Producer’s Choice sound blanket.

Producer’s Choice blankets are filled with sound absorptive recycled all cotton fibers with the outer cotton-poly mix fabric and designed to perform a specific function of sound absorption.

NRC – 0.8 – 80% Noise reduction.



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Sound Absorption efficiency : 80% Noise absorption, NRC Rating 0.8 (G-75 mount) 95% when Installed in Pleated fashion.

Model: VB-70 Specifications :

    • Noise Reduction Efficiency: NRC 0.8 ( 80% Noise Reduction Coefficient).
    • Size: 80″ x 80″
    • Weight : 3.8 – 4.0 kg per blanket.

Please note sound panels or blankets are utility products specifically designed for functionality, you may find slight imperfections that do not affect their sound absorption capacity. Examples may be the material might have folds and crevices in the stitching; the dimensions might be 5 -6 cm off the advertised dimensions; binding might be folded when stitched; and minor needle marks on the material can be expected. Also, please be aware that the blanket is not “soundproof” they are sound absorptive.

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