SPB33S Sound Booth 3 x 3 with Soundproofing and Door with EU plug

SPB33 Mobile sound isolation booth with door with soundproofing
SPB33 Mobile sound isolation booth with door with soundproofing SPB33-2018_Booth-CornerView-DoorOpenQuarter SPB33-2018_Booth-CornerView-DoorOpenWide SPB33-2018_Booth-CornerView-DoorOpenHalf SPB33-2018_Booth-CornerView SPB33-2018_Booth-CornerView-Edit (1)

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Mobile Sound Proofer Vocal booth SPB33 with soundproofing and Door

and sound absorption panels. Great for Voice over, Singing practice, Individual musical instruments practice, audiometry testing and such.
Sound booth, provides up to 45 dB noise reduction.
Sound isolation Booth SPB33 measures approximately 40 inch square x 80 inch high. Portable Sound Booth SPB33 can be transported in a passenger car and assembled in 10-15 minutes at location. Comes in convenient specially designed carry duffle bags

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Mobile Sound Booth 3×3 with Soundproofing with EU plug

The NEW 2019 SPB33 model blocks more sound than ever, with an improved sound absorbing layer to make your recordings sound crisp and clear. The booth is best suitable for one person for practicing singing, musical instruments, voice over recordings, audiometry testing, and much more! The Sound Isolation Booth, SPB33 measures approximately 80 inches tall x 40 inches wide x 40 inches long and can be transported in a passenger car with an assembly time of 10-15 minutes!

All soundproofing panels are tightly connected by Zippers, with Mass Loaded vinyl flaps to seal the corners.
The booth features a swing open door panel with Zipper closure and a clear vinyl window. Internal sound absorbing panels do not have a window built-in to reduce the number of reflective surfaces.
Lightweight aluminum frame is easy to assemble and disassemble without need for any tools or screws etc. All poles are of the same size to make assembly easy.
Included LED light is bright enough to provide sufficient illumination and no noisy interference.
This vocal booth is intuitive to set-up and easy to take down and transport.
When the booth is disassembled, the soundproofing panels and sound absorption panels can be rolled up and stored in the specially designed transport duffel bags.
Full bag size is approximately 42 inch long x 16 inch wide and tall.
Due to the heavy panels, the bags are specially designed with additional secure straps inside and strong zipper to keep sound panels together. Since the bags are designed to hold considerable weight (about 120 lbs each), we also provided 4 handles, so two people can carry it.

The SPB33 is a one-person sound booth, large enough to fit comfortably a chair or mic stand.
Outer Soundproof panels reduce the sound by a whopping 32 dB at midrange and even more, up to 45 dB at high frequency sound. Internal sound absorbing panels create a great acoustic environment for audio recording.

Soundproofing walls are made out of specially constructed multilayered sound-blocking panels made with reinforced Limp Mass Membrane (STC 33) to block sound transmission and lined with sound absorption felt to reduce the internal sound reflections.
NOTE: Limp Mass property of the wall panels increase soundproofing efficiency compare to the material of the same weight, but in rigid form.
Sound absorption panels are made out of Producer’s Choice for superior booth acoustics (NRC 0.8, or 80% noise reduction).
In assembled state outer sound proofing walls are joined together with zipper and flaps with Velcro. SPB33 can comfortably fit into an apartment with average ceiling height.

  • Assembled Size: 40” long x 40” wide x 80” high
  • Soundproofing Walls STC 33
  • Sound Absorbing panels NRC -0.8
  • Weight – 300 lbs.
  • Frame Aluminum. Connectors steel.
  • NO Noise LED Light with EU plug
  • 2 Black Carry/Storage Bags
  • Isolation Floor Mat

Please note: booths can take up to 5 business days to ship out.