Hook screw

Stainless steel hook screw for acoustic blankets

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Stainless steel Hook screw 5 inch long. Designed to keep acoustic blanket 2-3 inches away from a wall for better sound absorption.

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Stainless steel Hook Screw

Diameter – 1/4 inch.
Length – 5 inches (Threaded part – 2 inches).

This screw hooks was designed to hang acoustic blankets on the walls. Use of this screw books to hang the acoustic blankets creates an air gap between sound blankets and the wall. ( you need that gap for better acoustics and sound absorption).

Use of these hooks facilitates acoustic room treatment by hanging blankets directly on the wall! It would work perfectly for vaulted ceilings as well ( make sure to find the overhead beam that can support the weight of the blankets).

This stainless steel hook will keep the blankets at 2.5 – 3 inches away from the wall for better sound absorption. Stainless steel (#201) will not rust and will not stain the blanket even if it gets wet or placed in damp environment. The specially engineered thread will reliably screw into a wood or concrete walls or ceiling for strong support. The hook is bent in a way that it can securely support the blanket if you hang it off the ceiling or on the wall. Blanket will not slip and will not fall.

NOTE: You need a 1/4 inch drill bit to drill a hole before installing the screw hook.

And lastly for our customer the hook screw is priced about 30% less than comparable quality screw-hooks in your local hardware store.