Ceiling Sound Baffle (White)


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Ceiling Sound Baffle helps you control the sound reflecting of  the ceiling.

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The Producer’s Choice Ceiling Sound Baffle allows you to control the noise and reverberation reflected from the ceiling.
The flexibility of our acoustic sound absorption blankets allows to shape it up and add dimension and acoustical control right where you need it the most.
The acoustic blanket ceiling baffles made out of our Producer’s Choice sound absorption material. The length is 78 inches and the width is 18 inches. 5 loops installed at regular intervals for greater flexibility in case you want to hang them in a semi-circle or any odd shape ( not straight). to achieve a particular design.

• Reduces echo and reverberation reflected from the ceiling
• Improves speech intelligibility
• Exceptional acoustical performance

• Size: 198 cm x 46 cm
• Part Numbers: CSB-W
• NRC (Sound Absorption Performance)
NRC 0.8 to 0.95 (80% to 95% sound absorption, depending on shape.)