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    VB2Go LED No Noise Light

    LED light designed specifically for use in Vocal booths for audio recording. It emits no noise whatsoever and very little heat. Uses very little power, so it saves energy.
    These lights were created with the Voice Over actors in mind to eliminate yet another noise source. If you work with highly sensitive microphones, like professional book narrators do you will appreciate this NO NOISE and NO NONSENSE LED light.

    £37.89 Price excluding VAT
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    Acoustic Vocal Booth 3X3

    Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3, AVB33, is a portable walk-in vocal booth great for any small space to cut echo and reverberation for clear audio recording. The size measures at 1m W x 1m L x 2m H,  Includes snap-on metal frame, sound absorbing walls and top covers (Outside is Black; Inside is White), LED light with dapter and a duffle carry bag. AVB33 is great for audio book narrration, single voice-over actor or vocalist or a music recording artist.

    £803.92 Price excluding VAT
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    VB72. Sound Absorption Panels Producers Choice- White- Black....

    VB72. Sound Absorption Panels Producers Choice- White- Black. Size 200 x 243 cm

    This sound absorption panel designed for easy, acoustic room treatment, to make your voice over and audio Recording sound better.

    Model: VB72 Specifications:

    • <Color : One side Black, the other side – white.
    • <Size : 200 x 243 cm.
    • <Weight : 5.0 – 5.5 kg per blanket.
    • <Absorption efficiency : NRC 0.8 ( 80% Sound absorption)
    £42.50 Price excluding VAT
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