Mobile Sound Booth 6 x 6

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    50% OFF – FINAL SALE – Mobile Sound Booth 6 x 6 ...

    50% OFF – Mobile Sound Booth 6 x 6 with soundproofing – FINAL SALE – No refunds, no returns.

    provides up to 45 dB sound reduction
    SPB66 be used as drum practice room, portable soundproof conference room for trade shows, musical instruments practice, small band practice and audio recording. Drummers will find this an easy to set up solution, to reduce noise complaints.
    Sound isolation Booth SPB66 measures approximately 2L x 2W x 2H meters. (Up to 230 cm at the highest point.) Portable Sound Booth SPB66 can be transported in a passenger car and assembled in 25-35 minutes at location.

    £4,999.88 Price excluding VAT
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