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    Acoustic Vocal Booth 3X3

    Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3, AVB33, is a portable walk-in vocal booth great for any small space to cut echo and reverberation for clear audio recording. The size measures at 1m W x 1m L x 2m H,  Includes snap-on metal frame, sound absorbing walls and top covers (Outside is Black; Inside is White), LED light with dapter and a duffle carry bag. AVB33 is great for audio book narrration, single voice-over actor or vocalist or a music recording artist.

    £803.92 Price excluding VAT
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    Acoustical Vocal Booth 6×6

    Mobile acoustic vocal booth AVB66 creates acoustically treated room for quality audio recording. Great for voice over collaboration. Large enough for a drum set, small music band. Can be used for at trade shows as a conference room. Cuts down echo and reverberation for great audio recording. Reduces outside noise by about 10 dB
    Footprint 2 meters x 2 meters. x 2.3 meter tall. Consist of easy to assemble metal frame and sound absorbing panels.

    £1,275.77 Price excluding VAT
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    Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booths AVB series and Portable Vocal Booths – Carry-on Pro, designed to make your recording sound better anywhere. The booths are constructed out of sound absorbing acoustic blanket material and earned reputation for great acoustic quality, portability and ease of use. They are acoustically better than similar size permanent sound booths or acoustic foam. They are much less expensive and can be easily moved from place to place, or even shipped by a postal carrier.
    Acoustic Vocal Booths designed to create acoustically treated space for excellent audio recording.
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