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    VB77G Studio Size Noise Reduction Panels Producers Choice. Size...

    VB77G Studio Size Sound blankets Producers Choice for acoustic room treatment in professional audio recording studio. Size 200 x 300 cm with Grommets.
    These blankets specifically designed for professional studio environment to cover the walls in rooms with high ceilings. Noise absorption 80% (NRC 0.8)
    This sound absorption panel designed for easy, acoustic room treatment, to make your voice over and audio Recording sound better. 10 Grommets already installed on 200 cm side for easy installation.

    Model: VB-77G Specifications:

    • Color : Black both sides
    • Size : 200 x 300 cm.
    • Weight : 8 kg per blanket.
    • Absorption efficiency : NRC 0.8 ( 80% Sound absorption)
    • Grommets : 10 grommets on 200 cm side
    £77.18 Price excluding VAT
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    Hook screw

    Stainless steel Hook screw 5 inch long. Designed to keep acoustic blanket 2-3 inches away from a wall for better sound absorption.

    £2.50 Price excluding VAT
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