VOMO - Portable VocalBooth for Voice Over, ADR, Singing, Speech etc.

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VOMO is a mobile, foldable, spacious, affordable acoustic booth, suitable for VoiceOver, singing, audio book recording, etc. Thanks to the special design with the possibility of complete enclosure inside, you achieve perfect acoustics anywhere, quickly and efficiently... More

Testimonial of acoustic material used, for this VocalBooth


Since I have been using your acoustic blankets, the sound is much better than using the Whisper Room (a brand of soundproof acoustic booth that costs thousands of dollars). Acoustic blankets provide the clearest professional sound possible. The noise level in the studio is now only around -73 dB and thanks to VocalBoothToGo.EU I absolutely do not need to equalize the sound any further. I don't have a box sound like the Whisper Room or VicBooth users have in their recordings, but a nice thick and warm sound.

I have recommended you to some of my friends who are having problems with their professional vocal booths, so that they can try the blankets.


Summary of product features - see below for individual details:

VOMO is a mobile, foldable, spacious, affordable acoustic booth, suitable for VoiceOver, singing, audio book recording, etc. Thanks to the special design with the possibility of complete enclosure inside, you achieve perfect acoustics anywhere, quickly and efficiently...

And if you're interested what the acronym VOMO stands for, it's - Voice Over MObile  


Booth acoustic material:

materiálThe basic of the success of this MObile Voice Over booth (VOMO) is the same material used for our very popular acoustic blankets. These are filled with a larger layer of non-toxic recycled cotton fibre with 30% polyester to increase elasticity and maintain shape. The outer fabric is a high quality polyester.

Furthermore, the booth is fitted with metal reinforcements so that it keeps the right shape and can be placed on a stand.


Full 360° enclosure - complete acoustics:

VOMO_closedYou can use this booth open or close using the roof that is included in the package.

The microphone is most sensitive from the front, and it is from this direction that the unwanted echo you most want to avoid when recording with a microphone penetrates, and it is thanks to this acoustic roof that you can completely enclose yourself inside and record perfect clear sound without unwanted reverberations and resonances almost anywhere in the room.

The roof is held in place nicely by two metal reinforcements, so you don't have to worry about the roof lying on your head. It holds itself in place and doesn't fall on your head.

Vocal booth suitable for singing:

VOMO-Singers-updatedIf you want to record quality vocals you have to do in a room or space that has minimal reverberation, you can achieve this in a few different ways, but why spend tens or even hundreds of thousands on creating perfect acoustics in the whole room when you can just close with the microphone and achieve the same result.

So if you don't have the space, resources, knowledge or time to create all or part of a room with perfect sound, we recommend getting a VOMO that is large and comfortable enough for you, your microphone and a large tablet, so that you can record vocals for the world's latest hit song, because the sound from a VOMO booth doesn't contain boomies or booxies like the regular amateur booths that people build without much knowledge and think that if they line the bare walls with acoustic foam it will sound great.

Watch the video recommendation of singer and songwriter Alex Holmes who uses the VOMO vocal booth to record her vocals by clicking here...

.. for Voice Over, ADR, dubbing, audio book production:

VOMO_voiceover-David-goldfarb (1)If you want to convert your favorite book to audio, or you want to lend your voice to a character, or dub a video from one language to another, in all of these cases a higher quality microphone is not enough, because without a low reverberation room all of your recordings will sound extremely unprofessional and no one will want to hear them, let alone pay for them, even if you have a microphone for tens of thousands.

That's why you need to take care not only of the microphone I have, but first and foremost you should focus on the acoustics and especially the reverberation of the room you want to record, because it's much more important than the microphone you have.

This voice over booth is perfect to pull out of the closet or take with you whenever you need it, unfold it in a flash, place a microphone and you can record the perfect sound just like David Goldfarb, who lends his voice to Nintendo characters and uses the VOMO voice over booth to record.

..Also ideal for TV and radio reporters in the field:

VOMO-hotel-room-voice-over-1When you film or record a report somewhere in the field you usually still need to comment on other footage or add comments and as you know this is called Voice over.

However, as a reporter in the field, you are constantly moving in different places and quite often you don't  know exactly what your accommodation will look like and whether it will have suitable acoustics to record good quality sound of your report or it will be just four bare walls with a bed and wardrobe where the echo is terrible and absolutely unsuitable for any kind of microphone recording, and what if your report is so good that they want to broadcast it on the main news but because of the bad sound they won't?

And that's exactly what VOMO is here for, you can take it anywhere in the world, because it´s light, compact, durable and you can easily fold and unfold it.

Then all you have to do is close yourself in the booth with your notes and record your reports your reports with the perfect sound like you're in a studio.

Perfect sound, no boxy sound:

VOMO_No_boxysoundMany people think that if they put 4 walls together and stick some material on them (acoustic at best), they will have a professional-sounding vocal booth, but then they will find that their recordings don't sound as good as from a professional vocal booth as you can read on various forums where they complain that the booth they made has some weird sound called: Boxy sound

VOMO is the only smaller portable acoustic booth without sound boxes, because the used acoustic material is not attached or does not contain a solid board, but hangs in the room and the vibrated air can better penetrate further out, so the frequencies between 250-900Hz are not amplified and then not returned back to the microphone and don't make the sound recorded by the microphone sound like you're in a box, as is the case with competing vocal booths like: Isovox 2, t: acoustics, RUBY and amateur fixed-wall vocal booths.

If you are interested in more, read our article by clicking here…

VOMO reduces noise up to 10 dB:

VOMO-db10-reduction-vomo-coffeThe bonus for you is that the VOMO vocal booth not only creates the perfect acoustic environment for recording your singing or VoiceOver, but also by the way it absorbs sound it will substantially reduce the volume of your voice coming out and thus not disturb your surroundings with "noise" which you do when you sing or get excited when creating VoiceOver (the reduction in the intensity of the human voice coming out of the booth is about 8dB and that's quite a lot)

Similarly, ambient noise is attenuated by approximately 10dB, so if you want to record something you are much more isolated from the environment inside and the recorded sound contains significantly less unwanted noise than if you had a microphone outside.

If you are more interested, watch the full video with TESTS how effectively VOMO reduces ambient noise by clicking here...

Health safety:

viruses-bacteria-fungi-Square As already mentioned, the VOMO booth is composed of the same material as our acoustic blankets, which are filled with a larger layer of non-toxic recycled cotton fibers with 30% polyester. Other metal, plastic and fabric materials are also health-safe.

Be aware that this is not a given, for example, many people make their own acoustic booths, into which they put mineral wool or glass wool, which are not harmful materials, but when they are handled they produce a larger amount of sharp and dangerous dust and if they are not properly covered you can breathe this dust inside the booth and this is definitely not comfortable and can be dangerous.


VOMO-washing-squareAs the only VoiceOver booth on the market, you can "wash it in the washing machine", of course it's not like you throw it in the washing machine and turn on the usual program. First you have to disassemble the whole booth, take out the metal reinforcements and then you are left with just the acoustic material, which you can throw in the washing machine, wash and you have a nice as new smelling and clean acoustic booth.

You can see how to unfold the VOMO and then wash it in the washing machine in this video by clicking here...

Spacious enough inside:

VOMO_laptop-updatedThe inside of the VOMO is spacious and comfortable enough for you to practice your audio content creation, including singing, undisturbed, plus you can put your notes, tablet and even a small computer inside.

The size has been calculated so that the Acoustic booth provides maximum internal space to work with a minimum "travel" size, the dimensions are just right to take the VOMO as hand luggage on board most airlines as this video shows.

Upper microphone attachment:

VOMO_mic.top mount (2) (2)The microphone can be placed upside down in the way you see in the picture, this way of mounting is suitable when you need a larger work surface for a laptop or a large book etc.

Cable pass-through or large microphone:

VOMO_cable_managemnet-whiteOnce you place the microphone inside the acoustic booth you'll find that the microphones need cables, and that's what you'll find a pass-through in the back corners so that you can pull the cables from the microphones and other equipment nicely out and not get in the way when you're recording in the front of the booth and to make it as visually pleasing as possible.

These openings can also be used as passages for very long shotgun microphones which can be placed in the VOMO booth.

Any microphone is welcome:

It is the only portable vocal booth on the market that can accommodate virtually any microphone, from tall, fat ones to the longest. This way you are virtually not limited by the type of microphone you can use for recording inside the vocal booth, as with other similar products.

As you can see in the image below, it can handle an extremely long shotgun microphone like the RODE NTG 8 without compromising acoustics or recording comfort in any way.

prostor pto velký mikrofon 1mikrofon Rode NTG 8

We are also creating a general list of photos of compatible microphones which you can view by clicking here...

Microphone holder:

držák na mikrofonThanks to the flexible mount, you can lift the microphone up and down or rotate the microphone in a 360° circle. You can place the microphone directly in the middle on the 5/8" thread or on a longitudinal mount with a movable screw that also has a 5/8" thread.

.. on FlexTee Stand:

Obrázek3Not only does the FlexTee stand provide flexibility when using acoustic blankets, but you can also use the same stand to place a VOMO portable vocal booth in your office, home or studio. So if you already own a VOMO or are just planning to get one, the FlexTee stand is a versatile stand that will hold both VOMO and acoustic blankets should you want to get one in the future.

VOMO placement on Photo/Video tripod:

VOMO_tripod-whiteTogether with the VOMO booth we recommend to get our high quality Photo/Video tripod, which is specially adapted so that you do not need any additional accessories and you can place the VOMO booth on this tripod and comfortably use VOMO wherever you are.

You can read details about this tripod directly on our e-shop by clicking here...

If you already own a photo/video tripod, you can also mount the VOMO on this tripod, just keep in mind that you need a suitable reduction from the thread that your tripod has (usually ¼" or 3/8") to the size that the VOMO uses which is 5/8"

You can buy these reducers in our shop in this category: VOMO accessories

Mounting VOMO on the stand:

Obrázek6To attach to any stand there is a black special adapter which you can see in the picture, this adapter has a 5/8" thread on one side into which the longer silver threaded rod is screwed and on the other side there is again a 5/8" internal thread into which it screws stand.

This black adapter is used to securely and firmly connect the stand and the VOMO cab.

.. on a table without a tripod:

VOMO_table-whiteVOMO can also be used without a stand, just place it on a high enough table or on a small table with something to support it.
Just be aware that in this use you have to adjust the center microphone holder so that it doesn't stick out from the bottom.

Alternatively, you don't need to place the center mount at all and can use a microphone stand with its own base as you see in the picture.

Mounting accessories can be converted to a tabletop microphone stand:

table-top-vomo-standIf you decide to place the acoustic booth VOMO on a table without using a stand, you will be left with an unused mounting accessory, with which VOMO is placed on a stand and from this accessory you can easily create a basic table stand for mounting the microphone, which you can see in the picture.

Lamp for sufficient light:

VOMO_light-white (1) (1) (2)The package also includes LED light with a colour temperature of approx. 6000K. The light is on a flexible gooseneck that is mounted in a strong clip so that you can attach the light to the part of the VoiceOver cab. where it is most convenient for you.

The LED light is specially designed to not emit any electromagnetic waves that would interfere with the sound of your microphone. The light has several brightness levels.

It comes with a USB cable for charging the internal battery, for example from a computer or phone charger with a regular USB-A output.

Holder for phone, tablet or notes:

držák na telefon atd.Included in the package is another useful item and that is a hinged plastic holder that is stable enough to hold your phone, tablet, notebook or book from which you are currently creating an audio version.

Pockets for accessories:

kapsyOn the sides of the VOMO acoustic booth you will find useful pockets where you can put, for example, microphone cables, charging cables or, if you put a monitor inside, a power adapter or other accessories related to the booth so you don't have to look for them in a drawer.

Easily portable and stackable:

vomo v tašce + TomThe great advantage is that you can very quickly fold VOMO into a small package 60x60x15cm and hide somewhere under the bed, or you can throw VOMO over your shoulder and go on a long journey and when you arrive at the place you can unfold it again in a moment, insert the microphone and record perfect sound whether you are in a half-empty office or a hotel room you can always have studio quality sound with you.

The size is even such that in most cases you can take it on the plane as hand luggage, as shown in this video.

What's more, there's plenty of room inside the folded booth for you to put your laptop and other recording stuff inside so that it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your pack and yet is perfectly protected.

An all-weather partner:

vomo v tašceBecause we know that VOMO will be with you in the car, on the train, on the bus, hiking and biking, in rain or shine, and you want to keep it nice and clean - we've included outer protective bag to keep your VoiceOver booth safe from rain and dust.

The package contains:

  • 1x Vocal booth – Voice Over MObile - VOMO
  • 1x Waterproof cover
  • 1x LED light (+ USB charging cable)
  • 1x Roof for complete enclosure inside
  • 1x Holder (Smartphone, tablet, books, Notes …)
  • 1x Black sliding microphone holder with 5/8" thread for attachment to silver threaded rod and 5/8" sliding screw for microphone attachment.
  • 1x The stand mounting kit which is also a microphone holder in one includes (1x 15cm silver threaded rod with 5/8" thread, 1x Lower large black washer with 5/8" thread, 1x Smaller upper silver washer with hole, 1x Black nut with 5/8" thread, 1x Black threaded link between threaded rod and stand with 5/8" thread)

dílyvomo v tašce


Technical specifications:

Materials: Polyester, Cotton, Aluminium, Plastic, Steel

Dimensions when folded: 60 cm width x 60 cm height x 15 cm depth

Dimensions unfolded: 60 cm width x 50 cm height x 50 cm depth

Weight: 8 kg




slice1Alex Holmes
(EDM, POP singer and songwriter from UK )


I’ve been using VOMO for my past few recording sessions and I’m absolutely loving it.
As well as recording in the VOMO I’ve also really enjoyed practicing in there. There’s a great clarity of sound and it makes it really easy to practice those technical aspects of singing.
I think as vocalist it’s really important to have this especially when you’re singing those big belt notes that are going to reverberate around the room. This just ensures that you’re not going to get any room sound at all.

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO just click HERE…


James Alburger-VOMOJames Alburger (11-time Emmy Award Winner, VoiceOver actor and Coach)


It’s only Booth that’s portable that you can actually work inside the acoustic space that’s created by the Booth and it’s absolutely creates the best sound of anything that I have ever work with and I have worked with most of the portable boots that out there)

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO just click HERE…


slice2Tim Tippets (VoiceOver actor and Coach) Clients Include: Nisan, Lexus and many more.


So my results with VOMO after doing a bunch of AB testing are impressive out of all of the compact vocal Booth solutions that I have been exposed to the VOMO definitely outperforms them it doesn’t sound boxy, boomy or muffled with the added rear panel that you put over and behind you get that true 360 degree of acoustic treatment  does it’s simple it’s well thought-out design and it just does what it says it will do.

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO just click HERE…


slice3Dean Wendt (VoiceOver actor) a professional voice actor who has voiced thousands of commercials, narrations, storybooks, and various other projects over the past 20 years.


I work all over the world all the time even on vacation thanks to my VOMO I’ve gone to Colorado for family vacation I’ve been on a cruise ship with my VOMO there as I record commercials for all over the country in the world and no one has yet to question my sound quality.  

Watch this testimonial as VIDEO just click HERE…




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