VOMO ARM - accessories for increased load capacity and stability of VOMO

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VOMO's support arm will help keep VOMO stable on a tripod or microphone stand. More

Adjustable for different heights. Easy to use. Very useful if you load the VOMO with all your equipment and need to make it more stable.



VOMO is a portable vocal booth designed to provide perfect acoustic enviroment for recording. It´s not designed to cram laptops, interfaces and toasters into.

Have we noticed that some people do just that? They manage to put everything inside the VOMO and then it gets overloaded. When the VOMO is mounted on a stand or tripod, it only has one attachment point, so with the hood on and especially when overloaded with equipment - it can be wobbly and somewhat unstable.

That's why we designed this support arm.  The VOMO support arm allows you to make it more stable so you can fit more equipment in it.

Still, we do NOT recommend that you stuff the VOMO pack with unnecessary gear, but if you do - we want to lend you the support arm!

The support arm is delivered disassembled:







VOMO support arm parts









VOMO Support arm assembly instructions:

Then connect them together. Use an Allen key to attach the support bar to the telescopic arm. To use the support arm, attach the clamp to the leg of the tripod or stand, extend the telescopic arm as needed, and place the support bar under the VOMO.








VOMO support arm in service

The support arm should be "hooked" behind the table base ledge to prevent it from slipping. Tighten the knobs. If the angle of the support is sharp - position the ball head so that it fits into the groove in the part and gives you a sharper angle.