SPB63D, 200x100x200cm, Double wall mobile sound proof Vocal Booth

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200x100x200cm Enhanced mobile Sound Proof Booth – Double wall - 38 dB at midrange and up to 84dB at high frequency sound reduction.
If you are recording an audio book, want to practice your vocals or play instrument without irritating your neighbours, this Sound proof Mobile Vocal booth which provides BIG sound reduction is for you. More

You will no longer be disturbed by ambient noise or disturb your neighbours

You don't want the neighbours to be forced to listen to 2 hours of your exercise? Or have they even complained about you and now you are uncomfortable exercising at home?
Or you want recording your VoiceOver and you can't because child of your neighbours are playing all day.
Luckily for you, there is a solution! > WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW <

Testimonial of acoustic material used, inside this SPB soundproof VocalBooth


Since I have been using your acoustic blankets, the sound is much better than using the Whisper Room (a brand of soundproof acoustic booth that costs thousands of dollars). Acoustic blankets provide the clearest professional sound possible. The noise level in the studio is now only around -73 dB and thanks to VocalBoothToGo.EU I absolutely do not need to equalize the sound any further. I don't have a box sound like the Whisper Room and VicBooth users have in their recordings, but a nice thick and warm sound.

I have recommended you to several of my friends who are having problems with their professional acoustic booths to try acoustic blankets.


Laboratory soundproof test certification from Riverbank Acoustic


Complete test result from laboratory with all details you can find in our magazine, or you can just click here <<<


Basic product description:

200x100x200cm Enhanced mobile Sound Proof Booth – Double wall - 38 dB at midrange and up to 84dB at high frequency sound reduction.

The booth is able to comfortably fit two people with their equipment, for practicing singing, musical instruments, voice over recordings, audiometry testing, and much more!
The Enhanced Sound Isolation Booth, SPB63D measures approximately 200cm tall x 100cm wide x 80cm long and can be transported in a passenger car with an assembly time of 15-25 minutes! The small and sleek design makes the Enhanced Sound Booth more portable and easily stored.

Double Soundproof panels and sound absorption panels can be rolled up and stored in the provided transport bags.
Light weight aluminum frame is easy to assemble and disassemble without need for any tools or screws etc.
All poles are of the same size to make assembly easy. Frame can fit in the same bags with the panels.

(2) Included LED light bars provide sufficient illumination and no noise or extra heat.

Booth has a door panel with Zipper closure and a Vinyl window. Internal sound absorbing panels do not have a window built-in to reduce the number of reflective surfaces.

This vocal booth is intuitive to set-up and easy to take down and transport. When the booth is disassembled and packed into three bags the weight can be distributed evenly with the weight per bag of approximately 35Kg. Full bag size is approximately 100cm long x 40cm wide and tall.
The bags are specially designed with additional secure straps inside and strong zipper to keep sound panels together. Since the bags are designed to hold considerable weight, we also provided 4 handles, so two people can carry it.

The SPB63D is large enough for two artists to fit comfortably with guitars, wind instruments or for a small drum set.

Internal sound absorbing panels create a great acoustic environment for audio recording.
Outer Soundproof panels reduce the sound by a whopping 38 dB at midrange and even more, up to 84dB at high frequency sound.

Soundproofing walls are made out of specially constructed multilayered soundproof panels containing Limp Mass Membrane (STC 40). In assembled state outer sound proof walls are joined together with Special corner panels with Velcro. This SPB63D design has a flat roof, to comfortably fit into an apartment with average ceiling height.

( NOTE: Limp Mass property of the wall panels increase soundproofing capacity compare to the material of the same weight but in rigid form).

Sound absorption panels are made out of VocalBoothToGo acoustic blankets for superior booth acoustics (NRC 0.8 , or 80% noise reduction).

  • Assembled Size: 200cm long x 100cm wide x 200cm high
  • Soundproofing Walls STC 40
  • Noise Isolation Class NIC = 29
  • Sound Absorbing panels NRC -0.8
  • Total Weight = 323Kg
  • Frame Aluminum. Connectors steel.
  • 7x Black Carry/Storage Bags
  • 2x LED Light Bars
  • 4x 2,5cm thick Decoupling Foam Floor Mats