Flex Tee Stand for Acoustic Blankets

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FlexTee Stand for wraparound room acoustic control ( with Mini Mic pole for VOMO mount)
Need an effective way to hang sound absorption panels (acoustic blankets) without damaging the walls? Get the FlexTee Stand!
This new and improved stand designed to help you control the room acoustics better in your home recording studio or on off site location. Hearing the backslap in your recordings? - The FlexTee Stand with VocalBoothToGo sound absorption panels (acoustic blankets) can help you to resolve that problem. More

FlexTee Stand offers many possibilities of use. Primarily is designed for hanging acoustic blankets, but you can also use it as a stable base for VOMO acoustic cabs, ultra stable microphone stand or as a stand for hanging several lights and the flexible t-bar arm makes a U. To make matters worse, you can put everything in the included bag and go anywhere with the stand. Who else can offer you such a range of uses?

Simple solution for hanging your blanket


 This stand is the most efficient way to create a recording studio with great sound in a moment with the VocalBoothToGo acoustic blanket. Each acoustic blanket has a grommets on one side that allow you to use hooks to hang acoustic blanket on the T-bar and raise it to your desired heigh. He can lift acoustic blankets up to a maximum of 243 cm. The T-bar can be bent on both sides and this allows the sides on each side of the microphone to be covered for better control of the room acoustic.

Excellent base for your VOMO cab

The FlexTee Stand not only provides flexibility in using VocalBoothToGo acoustic blankets but you can also use the same stand to place a portable - VOMO vocal booth in your office, home or studio. So if you already own a VOMO or are planning to get one, the FlexTee stand will give you a support.

Usable as a microphone stand

Thanks to the 5/8" threaded accessory, you can turn the stand into an extremely stable and practical microphone stand.

He can also carry lights

You don´t have to worry about hanging lights on the FlexTee T-bar. Thanks to hes carrying capacity, he can hold several of them. He can hold an acoustic blanket or a VOMO booth at home or in the studio and the lights or microphone at the concert.


T-bar and its use

Thanks to the extended T-bar beam which has a span of 204cm, you can hang the  acoustic blanket  and simply move it to whenever you need it without having to dril into the wall, hang anything on the wall or ceiling rail.

The T-bar has adjustable arms with 8 hook holes for easy hanging of the acoustic blanket. The arms can be adjusted from 0° to 90° (the imaginary U).The length of the arm bends is 54 cm, allowing you to shape the acoustic blanket as you need it. If you get two stands, shape them into an imaginary U, put them opposite each other and hang our acoustic blankets on hooks and throw one VB70G over the top to create a roof, you have created a great acoustic cabin.

Stand is stable enough

The base of the stand consists of three legs, thanks to which it hold great stability. We recommend having your legs spread a distance of 80 cm. The minimum recommended stretch is 50 cm and if you need really great stability you can stretch them up to 105 cm.

Pins as a safety

The height extension bars have height adjustment holes into which pins can be inserted to that the acoustic blankets do not slide down in case you forget to tighten the screws you don't have to worry about the stand sliding down during a recording or live broadcast.

Package includes


  • 1x – Stand
  • 1x – Complete T-bar with screws
  • 1x – Additional microphone holder 5/8"
  • 8x - S hooks
  • 1x - Bag


Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Diameter of tubes: top tube - 2cm, middle tube 2,5 cm, bottom tube (base) 3 cm
  • Load capacity: 22 kg
  • Coupling material: plastic
  • Pins material: metal
  • Number of stops: bottom tube has 7 stops, top tube has 6 stops
  • T-bar: has 8 holes for hooks or screws for lights
  • Recommended base extension: 80 cm
  • Max base extension: 105 cm
  • Max stand height: 263 cm
  • T-bar extension: 204 cm
  • T-bar arm bend length: 54 cm
  • Folded FlexTee Stand Size: 105 cm