DIY Vocal Booth, PVC Frame kit – 100x100cm (sound blankets are sold separately)

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VocalBoothToGo - DIY Vocal Booth, PVC Frame kit - 100x100 cm, lightweight PVC pipes Ø 32mm and fittings.
For complete VocalBooth click HERE
Thanks to this pre-made PVC plastic construction you can build an Vocal booth (mobile recording studio) for recording voiceover, singing, dubbing, audio books, musical instruments, etc... even in your small apartment.
NOTE: This is only PVC frame and sound blankets are sold separately to complete this 100x100 PVC vocal booth you need to add to basket this PVC frame and 2x SB-VG booth sound blanket and 1x VB70G sound blanket.

For complete VocalBooth click HERE


Complete frame for Vocal Booth made of lightweight PVC pipes and PVC fittings can be assembled in 10 min. If necessary, you can just as quickly disassemble it and put it away in a corner, or take it with you wherever you need to go. The longest tubes in the package are only 96 cm long.

NOTE: This is only PVC frame and sound blankets are sold separately to complete this 100x100 PVC vocal booth you need to add to basket this PVC frame and 2x SB-VG booth sound blanket and 1x VB70G sound blanket.


P1120356The frame kit for the PVC VocalBooth (sound booth) is made of pipes  construction and connected by various types of PVC fittings made of very strong plastic.PVC pipes are Ø 32mm. If you compare to the DIY Vocal Booth PREMIUM this version is slightly lighter but on another hand significantly less strong and stable.


The complete construction with SB-VG booth sound blankets is suitable for recording voiceover, singing, musical instruments, audiobooks, dubbing, etc. The acoustic blankets absorb sound, this eliminating unwanted echo and room reverberation, which is very important for high quality audio recording with a microphone.



P1120351-lThe PVC Vocal Booth can be assembled simply by sliding the individual parts into each other and, if necessary, you can just as quickly disconnect them, hide them or pack them with you on the go. Nothing needs to be screwed together.

Gluing or not


The frame is stable enough on its own and holds together very well without assistance. You can improve the strength of the frame considerably if you glue the individual tubes and couplings together with glue (not included). Keep in mind, however, that if you glue the whole frame together, it will lose its mobility.

Tip: You can glue only the top and bottom frame and keep the vertical tubes separable, this will improving strength and maintaining mobility.

Sticky tape included

We add carpet tape to the package. It will help you reinforce the structure and you don't have to use glue. It is strong and holds very well. The advantage of the carpet tape is that you can disassemble and reassemble the Vocal Booth whenever you want and the tape holds up great to multiple uses.  

Unusable without acoustic blankets

P1120413-lIn order for the structure to serve its purpose properly, we recommend purchasing the producer's choice Sound blanket's, model SB-VG in three pieces for the perimeter walls. This blanket is designed specifically for DIY vocal booths.

Don't forget the roof

Untitled_1The blankets forming the perimeter walls are not everything.
To achieve perfect acoustics inside the sound booth, you need also cover the top.
One VB70G sound blanket is perfect for this.

Soundproofing vs. Absorption


 The construction fitted with the recommended blankets absorbs sound to create the ideal acoustic conditions for your recording. This doesn't mean you won't be heard, the blankets absorb a lot of sound, but they are not "soundproof", so some of your voice or the sound of a musical instrument will be heard in the surroundings.

If you need a soundproof acoustic booth, you can find it here: Mobile SoundProof Sound Booth - Solo (SPB33)

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Exact external dimensions: 200x97,5x97,5cm (HxWxD)
  • Pipe material: PVC Ø 32mm
  • Fittings material: 12x PVC
  • Pipe color: 15x Grey
  • Fitting color: 12x grey


DIY VocalBooth PVC obsahPackage contents

  • 7x - PVC pipe: 90 cm 
  • 8x - PVC pipe: 96 cm
  • 6x - „T“ corner fitting
  • 2x - „L“ corner fitting
  • 4x - „I“  fitting