Backpack for VOMO - take VOMO with you anywhere you go, with accessories

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VOMO backpack is light to carry. Backpack is specifically designed for active voice actors to serve as an all-in-one travel package for all their audio recording equipment. More

The VOMO backpack is very well made and has soft padded shoulder straps.

This allows you to store your VOMO and all your equipment in one place.

The backpack is isolated and waterproof.



As VOMO becomes more and more popular, we've noticed people taking it everywhere, from steep mountains to gurgling waterfalls.

And they're trying to get there by motorbike, bike or horse, or even just on foot.

So creating a travel case that would allow you to carry VOMO safely and securely, while still being able to use your hands for whatever you need to use your hands for, became a major challenge.

This VOMO backpack is the perfect portable travel case for the vocal booth that can fit not only your VOMO, but also your tripod, microphone and all the necessary recording equipment.

The backpack is padded to protect the contents from impact. The top closes with a drawstring, plus a flap goes over the top to protect from rain and dust.

There are several pockets as well as side pockets for a water bottle.

So don't be shy, get the VOMO backpack and go on a trip!

Weight = 1,25 kg