Audio Book Publisher Gives Recording Using the Carry-On Vocal Booth a BIG Thumbs-Up

“This is the best sound you ever had!”

Audio Book Publisher Gives Recording Using the Carry-On Vocal Booth a BIG Thumbs-Up

marysarahVoice over artist and accomplished book narrator, Mary Sarah Agliotta, was about to make a leap of faith. She wanted to move closer to her children, but that meant leaving behind a professional recording studio and facing the challenge of delivering a good sound at an unknown location.

It so happened that she attended the Mid-Atlantic Voice-Over Conference (November 2014) of which was a sponsor. Mary Sarah paid close attention to the presentation of the portable Carry-on Vocal Booth, made by She knew her current situation was critical.  She just received a book narration contract from a large client and was in the middle of a move. Her work had to be delivered in a short time and be of the highest quality. She was worried about being able to deliver the work without using her tested recording studio, and no time to build a new studio space.


New Space – New Problems

Having a deep understanding of the technical side of voice over work, she knew that taking care of soundproofing and/or acoustic treatment of her new space was imperative to continue on with her work, so she made sure to include in the rental agreement that the apartment must be able to be soundproofed. Yet, the reality was far from ideal.

With the holiday season and schools on break, neighbors upstairs were making a lot of noise.  Her landlord refused to cooperate and comply with soundproofing requirements.  The quality of Mary Sarah’s audio narration work was on-the-line and definitely on her mind.

With two large contracts and deadlines quickly approaching, Mary Sarah contacted reached out VocalBoothToGo to find a quick and effective solution. The challenges were that the apartment was a temporary place for 4 to 5 months, the noise was coming from all directions, the landlord was not willing to do anything to help her, budget was tight and time limited. Being a pro, Mary Sarah was using a very sensitive microphone, BLUEBIRD by BLUE MICROPHONE, that would pick up any noise, so it was important to have the right type of treatment. VocalBoothToGo visited her space, analyzed the situation at-hand and discussed possible ways to provide the acoustic conditions that would satisfy the publisher.

Finding a Solution ASAP

VocalBoothToGo looked at all the variables including the way the apartment was situated, location and intensity of noise sources, such as HVAC, laundry room, air ducts, plumbing, wiring, neighbors (or complete absence of soundproofing between the floors). The microphone was so sensitive, it picked up all the noise, even the noise from natural gas passing through the plumbing.

Mary Sarah did find a room in a music school that had minimal acoustic treatment to make the recording and sent a test demo to the co-editor, however, due to the poor acoustics, the recording was inadequate. Time was running out, deadlines were approaching, and Mary Sarah’s stress level was increasing.

Using the Carry-on Vocal Booth

VocalBoothToGo suggested her to try the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro – a product that first caught her attention during the Mid-Atlantic Voice Over Conference. VocalBoothToGo had numerous testimonials by professional voice actors saying that the Carry-on Vocal Booth provided excellent acoustic environment for recording audio, exceeding in sound quality any portable booths made out of acoustic foam.  The Carry-On Vocal Booth is specifically designed for recording on-the-go. VocalBoothToGo was confident that this portable vocal booth would serve Mary Sarah’s need for excellent acoustical treatment, provide portability and the affordability she was seeking.

Since the Carry-on is open on one side, VocalBoothToGo suggested hanging one Producer’s Choice Sound Blanket behind her to cancel any sound reflection from behind her back. Mary Sarah decided to give the portable booth a try in the same quiet music room, and like before, sent a test demo to her editor for approval before running with the project. Much to her relief, her editor gave her a BIG THUMBS-UP on the sound quality. Mary rushed to finish her project with confidence using the Carry-on Vocal Booth and Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets. The project was finished on time and with excellent quality of recording.

‘’The Carry On Vocal Booth made my situation go from impossible to professional!  My editor said this was the best sound I ever had.  I would highly recommend the COVB for anyone, anywhere.  It creates an immediately, reliable acoustic environment that cleans up your sound and gives it great color and depth.  A winner!!!  Thank you VocalBoothtoGo!’’


Mary Sarah Agliotta is a classically trained actress, voice actor, singer and recording artist. She has worked and/or currently works for companies such as Audible, Bee Audio, Lake Trout Media/Canada, Mage Publishers, Homebound Publications, and Q Media Productions.  Please visit or

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