Acoustic curtains UK - Length of curtains - 220cm

If you need to reduce echo (reverberation) in a room, to prevent light or noise penetration, you need VB2GO Acoustic curtains, which can be hung on a pre-attached structure.

The advantages of VB2GO Acoustic curtains:

  • They have a high weight per 1m2 which is 1300g/m2 or 2600g/m2.
  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Do not have to be glued like acoustic foam panels
  • Can be easily removed at any time
  • Several colours and fixing methods
  • Bespoke sizes and tailor-made
  • Sound absorption: 10-25dB (depending on weight per 1m2)
  • Thermal insulation: 20-40% (depending on weight per 1m2)
  • Blackout: 95-100% (depending on weight per 1m2)

VB2GO Acoustic curtains are not made for looks but for performance, so you can't expect a perfect look like regular velvet, molton or blackout fabric curtains have.
Not valid for deNoise PRO wich have perfect look but is little bit more expensive.