Producer’s Choice Blankets Bring Peace at Art Deco Apartment Complex

The humming and the constant loud noise from air conditioning units installed in Art Deco style condos literally was driving residents crazy. Ruth Berdinis, the assistant property manager at a metropolitan city complex in Pennsylvania, noted that residents couldn’t even watch their television in peace.’s Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets along with the tracking system turned out to be the answer to their problem in controlling the unwanted noise.


Because the condo/apartment building design is older and historic, the heating and AC units were built into closets that sit right outside of the living rooms of the individual apartments. Needless to say, this design caused obstructive noise to seep into the apartment space. In fact, many of the tenants had their entertainment units right against the other side of the wall of the units and needed to constantly increase the volume of their television/stereo due to the distracting sounds emitting from the air conditioning units.


ceiling-track-wall-installThe property management staff knew what to do — contain the sound within the area of the AC/heating units. Easy enough said, but how? The building was older and they did not want to damage it. What they needed was something to buffer or absorb the noise of the units without really destroying any part of this Art Deco style building.

Execution’s Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets and with the tracks helped to solve her issue. The blankets with the tracking system allowed them to enclose the units entirely without any type of construction or leaving permanent damage to the building walls — which was important.


The blankets on the tracking system immediately absorbed the noise from the units allowing the tenants of the apartments to enjoy watching

acoustic sound blankets vb-70gs-1000 500x447television or listening to music in normal levels. It looks nice as well and the tracks were easy to install.


“We are so please with this product (the sound blankets and track) and highly recommend it”, said Ruth. “Not only did it help buffer the noise, but it was easy to install and hardly left a mark on the building – about the same as hanging a picture on the wall!

Ruth Berdinis, Assistant Property Manager

Harrisburg, PA 05/2013

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