How to create an acoustic booth with great sound quickly and cheaply?

Just 2 Flex Tee stands and 3 acoustic blankets from VocalBoothToGo


See how our customer in Ireland solved his acoustics for VoiceOver recording by placing two Flex Tee stands opposite each other to create a cube.

On the stands he simply hung with 8 spare hooks for FlexTee stand, two acoustic blankets VB70G which are 2x2m and one side is white and the other black.

Just one more VB70G acoustic blanket was put on top and the whole acoustic booth for recording his voice was ready.


You can even directly attach arms to FlexTee stands to hold your microphones.

IMG_2858The customer used the black rod from the photo stand to hold the roof so that it doesn't bend inside, but you can use any other rod, even from a broom.

If you would like to build such a cheap acoustic booth with great sound, here are links to the products you need:

Flextee stands on which acoustic blankets were hung

VB70G acoustic blankets, from which the acoustic booth was built, including the roof

PS: If you would like to achieve a better roof appearance, we can customise your roof for you, just write to us at [email protected]