Add grommets on the acoustic blankets

Dear Customers, If the grommets you find on each acoustic blanket are not enough for you, you can order additional grommets on our website, directly in the product details, before you add it to your cart.


You can choose to add grommets to the longer side, for example, or from one of the following options:

  • on the longer side on the right
  • on the longer side on the left
  • on the underside of the blanket
  • 1x grommet on the bottom right side
  • 1x grommet on the bottom left side
  • 1x on the right and 1x on the left bottom side
  • add grommets on ALL sides

If you would like to add grommets for hanging in any other way, please email us at:

[email protected]

black_grommet_okWhen adding grommets, imagine you are looking at a hanging acoustic blanket with the black side facing you and select where you want to add the grommets and the number of grommets in the product details. (All acoustic blankets come with 8 grommets on the top 2 metres side from the factory and only the SB-VG has 5 grommets + Velcro on the SB-VG)

We will modify the acoustic blanket within 2. working days and send it with new grommets immediatelly.

We add grommets to these blankets:

VB70-G, VB71-G, VB72-G, VB73-G, VB76-G, VB77G

Click on the name of the blanket to go to the website. To add grommets, click on the question mark on the web next to each blanket.