Portable Vocal Booth

Portable Vocal Booth

Extreme Sound Absorption. Portable...

Echo, sound reflections, reverberations, flutter echo, comb filtering all these are problems that voice actor has to deal with to create a clear audio recording. And may be your home studio sounds great, what happens when you have to travel? Is there a product that can be used in any acoustic environment delivering consistent studio quality sound?
In our record breaking trip we recorded this video to show that Portable vocal booth , VOMO can indeed beat the most dramatic echo in a memorial hall with tall ceiling, square corners and solid marble walls.
See and listen to Carry-n Vocal booth vs open microphone, and VOMO (Voice Over MObile recording studio) with the Sound Isolation Hood, vs Carry-on Vocal Booth.

See more about VOMO – Voice Over MObile Recording Studio here: Voice Over Mobile Booth – VOMO!

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Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize sound absorption. Studios, Vocal professionals, Voiceover artists, Audio Engineers, and Home studios use our products everyday to control their sound environment.

Acoustical Vocal booth ( AVB33) review...

In this video we show some of acoustical Vocal booth ( AVB33) review by Tim Tippets, VO tech Guru and Voice over coach .
AVB33 is an Acoustical vocal booth, that can be easily carried around in your car, or even can be shipped to your hotel room anywhere in the USA or Europe, if you need to work on the road. Sets up in under 10 minutes.
Acoustic Vocal booth from VocalBoothToGo.com provides great acoustic environment and you can comfortably sit in there, or stand, with all of your recording gear.
Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3
About Tim Tippets:
Professional Voice Over actor with wide Experience
” I am also a professional vocalist, guitarist, producer, engineer with more than 20 years experience in live performances and studio sessions. Signed artist. Major market radio ad producer and voice talent.”

★★★★★ Tim is a rockstar and can’t wait to work with him again. He goes above and beyond and his turn around time is unmatched. Great communication from the start as well.

Tim Tippets website: http://timtippets.com/
Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33, Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3 is a walk in booth for audio recording that is collapsible and can be moved around and even taken on a plane ( as check –in. It is just an inch below the oversized and just a pound below the overweight!)
Originally designed for Voice Over actors, as vocal booth for home recording, AVB33 is a perfect solution for singers and musicians, especially if they are on a tour or travelling.
AVB33 is the smallest size in the series.. We also have AVB63 for two artists and AVB66, that can fit a small band or a drum set.
AVB series vocal booths allow you to make recording at home and give your audio engineer clean files for mixing. Vocal Booths from http://www.VocalBoothToGo.com/ save you time and money every time you use it.
For other products for Acoustic Room Treatments, Sound absorption and Soundproofing go to: http://www.VocalBoothToGo.com
See also review of a portable vocal booth – VOMO, which is a smaller booth, but also gives you great advantage to be able to record voice over or vocals anywhere you go.
Voice Over Mobile Booth – VOMO!
Portable vocal booth Video review: Voice Over Mobile Booth – VOMO!

How did VOMO do? VO tech Guru Tim...

In Chicago we met with Tim Tippets, a professional Voice Over actor, Voice coach and VO tech guru Tim brought some of his latest gear and i brought the VOMO for him to test.
I think VOMO stood up to Tim’s scrutiny. Tim was using his expensive Sennheiser microphone. VOMO easily accommodated the long microphone with additional room to move it around for different Voice takes.

Using portable Vocal Booth for...

In Louisiana we let local singer test our Portable vocal booth and see if the booth works for singing and rapping. Right there in a supermarket parking lot!

Do MORE with VOMO!
Primarily designed for Voice Over actors, as portable recording studio, VOMO is a perfect solution for any vocalist who needs to record on the go or at home without spending a fortune on a walk in Sound booth. VOMO works great for voice over professionals and the new to the business of voice over. For professionals it provides a reliable and consistent acoustic environment wherever they go. It opens a new possibility to travel and still be available to do quick recordings for an important client. For new-comers to the business it takes away the headache of building your own studio and worrying about good sound. VOMO is extremely efficient and very cost effective
VOMO provides mobility to voice actors and vocalists, so they do not have to be tied up to a studio in fear of losing an important client.


Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB63 Review. Voice over actors recording in the sound booth. Audio samples. Construction of the vocal booth with sound blankets. This is a make-shift vocal booth made with frames covered with acoustic blankets. Made and sent by a customer from the UK.

Portable acoustic vocal booths review...

In this Video George Whittam (director of Technology at EdgeStudio) compares four portable vocal booth solutions for Voice over work:
Porta-Booth Pro by Harlan Hogan, Kaotica Eyeball, Carry-on Vocal Booth 2.0 from VocalBoothToGo.com and FlexiBooth from Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions.
You can hear how they sound in comparison to each other.
George did not share his personal preferences, but you can clearly hear the difference in sound recording.
So you be the judge.
(Of course we believe that our booth sounds the best!)

For more details about Carry-on Vocal Booth and to order go here: http://vocalboothtogo.com/product-category/portable-vocal-booth/.

The option that includes the Microphone and the Mic stand with all otheer acccessories mentioned in the video is the Voice Over Success kit:
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