Portable Vocal Booth washing...

Portable vocal booth from can be easily washed in a regular washer.
to wash the Blanket part of the booth – take it out form the outer Nylon case ( unzip two zippers and unhook two hooks),
then pull out the hard parts Support rods and Support arches.
and throw it in a washing machine!
Dry on a high heat tumble dry.
Drying might take a while because thick cotton absorbs a lot of water.
but after the wash the booth will come out thicker and fluffier than before!

I think that Vocal Booths from Vocal Booths to go are the only mobile sound booths that can be washed.
in this video we show how the Carry -on vocal booth 3.0, a VOMO prototype actually , was washed after about 20 000 miles on the road, with working in all kinds of environment. after it got wet when i was filming Voice over int he ocean. ( i guess the whole reason they do voice over so they do NOT have to record in the ocean ).

Portable Voice Over MObile recording...

This is a complete version of instructions on how to use the Portable Voice Over Mobile recording studio, VOMO, and some tips and tricks.
It has 15 parts to it. you can skip around.
I will also upload shorter versions, so it will be easier to find the specific topic.
The product, VOMO, is already being sold online , but for whatever reason my video producer was not able to finish the Instructional Video. So i made this version from a truck stop in Alabama .
I apologize for the delays and video quality, but i hope it delivers the information to successfully use the booth at its full capacity.

How did VOMO do? VO tech Guru Tim...

In Chicago we met with Tim Tippets, a professional Voice Over actor, Voice coach and VO tech guru Tim brought some of his latest gear and i brought the VOMO for him to test.
I think VOMO stood up to Tim’s scrutiny. Tim was using his expensive Sennheiser microphone. VOMO easily accommodated the long microphone with additional room to move it around for different Voice takes.

Acoustic Guitar and Singing recording...

New Orleans Pro musician Jeb Rault tests the mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, AVB33, and VOMO portable vocal booth.

Using portable Vocal Booth for...

In Louisiana we let local singer test our Portable vocal booth and see if the booth works for singing and rapping. Right there in a supermarket parking lot!

Do MORE with VOMO!
Primarily designed for Voice Over actors, as portable recording studio, VOMO is a perfect solution for any vocalist who needs to record on the go or at home without spending a fortune on a walk in Sound booth. VOMO works great for voice over professionals and the new to the business of voice over. For professionals it provides a reliable and consistent acoustic environment wherever they go. It opens a new possibility to travel and still be available to do quick recordings for an important client. For new-comers to the business it takes away the headache of building your own studio and worrying about good sound. VOMO is extremely efficient and very cost effective
VOMO provides mobility to voice actors and vocalists, so they do not have to be tied up to a studio in fear of losing an important client.

Quest for ideal Acoustic environment...

The purpose of acoustic room treatment is to remove reflections and echo from getting recorded and interfering with the direct sound, by being recorded with slight delay making the original sound muddy, and by so called comb filtering that changes the original sound by reinforcing some sound waves and cancelling others.
So if that is the case then the open cotton field would be ideal environment fore audio recording.
This theory was tested in this stop of our VOMO – tour.
We tested three options:
Open microphone,
COVB – Carry-on Vocal Booth 2.0
and VOMO – Complete mobile recording studio with the Surround Sound Hood.
So what do you think?
Naturally, the wind makes it difficult to judge the sound in the open Nature.

Voice Over Solutions for Schools Video...

In Atlanta Georgia we were invited to a local High School to help find a solution for doing Voice over for their Video/Audio class. Currently they were trying to refurbish a janitor;s closet into a vocal booth by sticking some foam to the walls.  It did not work too well.

We presented the AVB33 – Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3, that delivered great sound right there in the Video room. In this video we also quickly touch on WHY do you need to have your room acoustically treated.

Dallas TX. Discussing VOMO and new...

In Dallas, TX we met with Dean Wendt a professional Voice over actor, who is very picky about his sound quality. he had tested any and all voice over gadget that exists, so when he says something – it is an honest opinion of someone in the know.

We also discussed some other gadgets i made for Dean.


Portable Vocal booth delivers...

in this Testimonial Dean Wendt – professional Voice actor for over 25 years, picks up on often overlooked advantage of VOMO – Voice Over MObile recording studio – it its consistency of the sound. He said that, he travels a lot and anywhere he takes VOMO with him. (I saw how he packed it, with all extension cords and gear in it! )

He said that hi main concern was revisions and making then sound consistent with the rest of the take. With VOMO – there was never a problem!

Reporting from Time Square in NYC, NY:...

Times Square NYC city – the famous stage to watch the New Year Ball drop.

VOMO did not drop the ball there – with all the noise and people around we still managed to get a decent audio recording before police was about to get us!

Note to self: VOMO – Voice Over Mobile recording studio is a good place to feel private, but not a good place to hide from authorities…


Unusual testimonial we got in Maine

Say what you want, but it it all true – the Lobster was Speechless!

Testimonial from the Experts

Before the actual product was available we sent a prototype sample to industry experts.

See what they have to say:


Central Park in NYC is open for Voice...

This video shows how you can record Voice over in a most visited city park in the USA.

Rats! we already did a voice over video in a park!


Voice Over Recording in City Apartment

This is another very practical Video how to record Voice over, if you live in a noisy city like Brooklyn , NY.

We tested VOMO portable Voice Over MObile recording studio in a typical apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  See how well it performed even with the window open to create more challenging environment. ( we do not recommend to have your windows open – find as quiet place as you can – VOMO will take care of acoustics.


Angry Teapot

Well this video has nothing to do with voice over. It is a teapot voicing his anger at me!


Which Microphone works best for Voice...

In this video we tested different microphones to see which one works best for travelling and specifically which one works best with the Portable Vocal booth.

we tested Low end, Medium and High end brands and also our private label VocalBoothTogo Microphone, that was specifically designed fro this purpose – voice over recording on the road.

See for yourself.

You will not sound bad in Badlands if...

Badlands was called that because indians and later French explorer did not like walking through there.  Well they did not do Voice Over with VOMO.

Because Voice Over MObile portable recording studio makes even Badlands sound good!