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    Hook screw

    Stainless steel Hook screw 5 inch long. Designed to keep acoustic blanket 2-3 inches away from a wall for better sound absorption.

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    USB Pen

    This USB pen is a convenient tool for Voice Over actors, Musicians and any creative person to create and keep the digital files place in one practical set. This VocalBoothToGo pen has 8 gigs of storage, beautifully crafted with our logo on it. You can draw with it and you can store in it.
    If you would like one, this 8G USB pen is free gift to our early supporters that complete their order before August 15! Hurry, this is for a limited time only!
    (regular price is £14.56)

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    iPad/Script Pad Holder

    Very versatile Script/iPad holder that is microphone stand mountable. It works best together with MiniBoom
    and allows you to have the copy at the same level with your microphone.

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    Microphone Stand

    Microphone stand . Tripod.
    Max Height: 60 inches from the floor

    Weight: about 4 lbs

    Can be used with Carry-on Vocal Booth, script holder and other accessories.

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    VB2Go LED No Noise Light

    LED light designed specifically for use in Vocal booths for audio recording. It emits no noise whatsoever and very little heat. Uses very little power, so it saves energy.
    These lights were created with the Voice Over actors in mind to eliminate yet another noise source. If you work with highly sensitive microphones, like professional book narrators do you will appreciate this NO NOISE and NO NONSENSE LED light.

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    Door Noise Control Cover Producer’s Choice, VB73DNC

    Door Noise Control Cover Producers Choice VB73DNC

    Door noise control blanket is made out of acoustic panels Producers choice (80% noise reduction. NRC 0.8).
    The panels are double layered for better noise control. and fits most single panel doors overlapping on both sides.

    Model: VB73DNC Specifications:

    • Color : Black
    • Size : 230 cm tall x 96 cm wide
    • Weight : 5.0 – 5.5 kg per blanket.
    • Absorption efficiency :Double Layered Blanket, NRC 0.8 ( 80% Sound absorption each layer. In double layer estimated noise reduction is close to 96%)
    • Grommets : 4 Grommets on the top side and 2 extra grommets on the bottom corners
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    Vocal Booth on Tracks-Ceiling Track Kit 2m

    Flexible Ceiling Track Kit 2M is designed to quickly create a walk-in vocal booth or recording studio without loosing any of floor space. This track will allow you to create a recording space for one person. Perfect for voice over actors and musicians. Small apartment or professional studio, — “Vocal Booth on Tracks” is for you.

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    Shotgun Condenser Microphone VBM-90S

    Professional FET Condenser Microphone VBM-90S is a cardioid studio microphone with elegant design and clean sound.
    This mic presents a very clean sound with good low frequencies and a crisp high end. When tested , against higher priced microphones, the internal noise of this mic was lower than the FET-201($800 mic) and comparable to the Sennheiser 416 ($1000). When playing recorded silence, internal noise is nearly inaudible.

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    Vocal Booth on Tracks-Ceiling Track Kit 4m

    The Ceiling Track Kit ( CTK-4) is designed to quickly create a walk-in vocal booth or recording studio without loosing any of the floor space. Perfect for voice over actors and musicians. Small apartment or professional studio, if you want to have a good sound without spending too much dough — “Vocal Booth on Tracks” is for you.

    This track will work well with two or three Producers choice Acoustic sound blankets and Sound absorption ceiling tiles ( sold separately).

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    Large Vocal Booth Transporting Duffle Bag

    Roadworthy Carrying Bag for your Mobile Vocal Booth and all its parts!

    Double section design for metal frame and Absorption Panels. additional pockets for misc items.

    Hard bottom for better load support. Extendable Handle.  4 wheels for smooth ride. Does not exceed airport oversized luggage restrictions.

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    Carry-on Vocal Booth-Pro 2.0

    Carry-on Vocal Booth-pro 2.0 gives excellent acoustic performance and greater convenience.
    Professional voice actors who tested and tried all other options out there praising the carry on Vocal Booth for great clear sound.
    Unlike the Acousric foam lined portable vocal booth Carry-on does not have any boominess or Boxiness. Just what you want!
    It is the thinnest Vocal Booth in the world! Yet it has spacious interior 22 in wide x 20 in deep x 22 in high.
    Lined with Producer’s Choice acoustic sound absorbing material this booth eliminates unwanted reflections in practically any environment.
    It is practical and very stylish.

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