VocalBooth FAQ

1.   Q) How can I find my shipping costs?
 A) You can check the shipping cost on our website prior to placing an order. Here is how:
1. Create your order – add items to your shopping cart.
2. Verify your shopping cart contents. (Shopping cart will appear when you add items to it. You can also click View Cart in the upper right hand corner to see your items.)
3. Enter your delivery postal code. At the bottom of the shopping cart content window, you will see an option to input your country and post code. Then click SUBMIT.
4. Your shipping options and charges will appear.

2.   Q) What is your return policy?   
A) Please read Our return complete policy here:  VocalBoothToGo-UK Shipping and Return Policy.
In short: if you changed your mind and decide to return the product, you will be liable for shipping in both directions and 20% restocking fee.  If the product arrived damaged or not as decribed we will replace it at no additional cost.

3.  Q) Are your Acoustic blankets better that acoustic foam?
A) We say a resounding YES.  Our Blankets are better on many levels and will make your recording sound better, they will serve you longer and will cost less than acoustic foam.


5. Q) Do You Recommend Using Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets In A Warehouse Where a Band Rehearses?

A) Most definitely. Our Producer’s Choice brand of sound blankets have been tested and successfully used in acoustic treatment of recording studios and also used in large conference halls for special events. The blankets are easy to hang and easy to use. Here are tips when hanging sound blankets.

6. Q: I’m A VO Talent and just moved near a very busy street. Do you think for broadband noise reduction, that the Producer’s Choice Blanket Curtains, combined with Bass Traps, a cloud on the ceiling and some foam would do the Trick?

A) Producer’s Choice blankets are designed for many things and for this purpose too. In fact, blankets are the only product from your list that can be used as a barrier. If you hang it over the window, it will absorb sound passing through it somewhat. So the noise will be somewhat reduced.

You might say that foam is also flat (relatively), but blankets are more massive so they will block about 4-5 dB — which is enough for the human ear to feel the difference.

7. Q) I Live With Other People And Need A Vocal Booth To Practice Singing In Without Disrupting The House. Which Vocal Booth Do I Need?

A) Our vocal booths come in different sizes — 3 x 3, 6 x 3, and our largest vocal booth, the 6 x 6. We also provide the Carry-On Vocal Booth and other portable vocal booth options.

All of the booths are portable and can be put together without the use of ANY tools. You can also add sound block as well.

If you are Do-It-Yourselfer, you can simply purchase the frame, sound blankets or soundproofing materials separately. Or, you can purchase the complete version of the booths and not have to worry about building it yourself.

If you have any other questions – please e-mail us  at Support @ VocalBoothToGo.co.uk

8.  Q)  What is NRC of your Blankets?
        A)  Our blankets have been Tested in Acoustic lab. Test results show NRC of 0.8 (80% noise reduction) or 0.95 (95% noise reduction) if blankets were used in pleated fashion

9. Q) What does NRC  or Noise Reduction Coefficient mean?
A)  NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a number to describe sound absorbing efficiency of material.
What this means is in a room that was treated with our Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets, the sound dies out (sound decay) 80% to 95% faster than without the blankets. What this means for you is that your recording will sound clear and not muddy from soundwaves bouncing around the room.

10.  Q) What is STC of your blankets?
  A) STC is Sound Transmission Class. This coefficient is used to measure the ability of a material to block sound transmission.  Acoustic blankets designed to reduce noise by absorbing sound, not blocking it, therefore STC of blankets is not relevant.   Sound will go through the blankets.

11. Q) Do you have sound absorption efficiency by frequency?
A) Yes, we we have breakdown of sound absorption efficiency of our Acoustic Blankets by frequency. See Sound blankets acoustic test results here: http://www.vocalboothtogo.co.uk/articles/

12. Q) Can Producer’s Choice sound blankets be washed?
 A) Yes, you can wash them. .Unlike acoustic foam, Producer’s Choice sound blankets can be washed to keep it clean and healthy.
Use regular mount of washing powder, use regular washing cycle. you can wash on hot setting.
Dry on high heat settings.  (It will take about 45 minutes to dry the washed blanket.)  Make sure to dry the blankets thoroughly.
Washed blankets do not shrink becasue of material, but they get thicker because the filler expands,  The dimensions along parallel stitching, might become slightly smaller.
Note that the blankets tend to get very heavy when wet, this is why we recommend to wash the sound blankets at a Launderette.

13. Q) Do you offer free shipping?  
A) We do not offer free shipping.  We believe free shipping is a gimmick. Cost of “Free Shipping” is either built into the price, or it is a trick to entice the buyer to buy something that normally would not sell.

14. Q)  Why is the shipping so expensive?
A)   The reason our blankets are so efficient is becasue they are heavy and this is exactly the same reason why it costs a lot to ship them.   Despite high efficieny in sound absorption, we priced our blankets low to make them affordable,   this is why even with the discounted shipping rates, the price seems to be high compared to the cost of the product itself.

15.  Q)  Why are UK Prices higher than the prices on your US site?
The USA product price does not include the Sales Tax ( VAT) (each state has different Sales tax).  UK site prices include VAT – the price is the final price, no additional taxes.   Also the cost of doing business in the UK is a little higher than in the USA.

16.  Q) How Can I Control Traffic Noise Entering The Patio Section Of My Home — I Don’t Want 100% Sound Proofing, But The Best I Can Do To Get The Maximum Gain?

A) You will need a dense material based on Mass Loaded Vinyl that is Weather proof and UV resistant.Sound absorbing material such as foam blankets or anything of the sort hang over the fence will do nothing for  soundproofing of your home. Many people confuse these terms. “Absorbing sound”  means sucking up the sound that is already in your room. “Soundproofing” means preventing the sound from entering (in your case) the room.

17. Q)  Do You rent Vocal Booths?

A:  Yes, we offer a rental service for our acoustic vocal booths and later for the sound booths. Please contact us to discuss your project.

18 Q) 

19. Q) Have You Compared Acoustic Foam To Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets?

A) Yes, we compared the two types of products against each other — acoustic foam, Aurolex Studiofoam Wedges, and Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets. An article about these findings can be found here. Comparison with acoustic foam.

20.  Q) My Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets Are Dusty. Can I Wash Them?

Absolutely, here’s how to wash our sound blankets:

  • Wash the sound blankets at a Launderette . Note that blankets tend to get heavy when wet.
  • Note that this product has “Inside filler,” which is a recycled cotton fabric that is multicoloured.
  • Note that colours from that filler may run and because of this, do not wash together with other clothes!
  • After washing you might see fuzz balls on the fabric.  This does not reduce the quality of the blanket or cause any problems.
  • You can fluff these blankets in the dryer too making them nice and thick.
  • For upkeep, you can vacuum it from the dust and wash them occasionally.