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Are you trying to practice your singing or play instruments at home, but neighbors are complaining?   Want to record Voice over, or a new song, but it is too noisy outside?

The solution is coming!    It is efficient, convenient and portable.
It is our new Soundproof(er) Sound Booth SPB33 and SPB66.

Unlike booths that require a special truck service to deliver the parts, our SPB booths can be easily transported by a regular passenger car or even shipped by post!  It can be assembled in 15 – 25 minutes and taken down when you do not need it

This NEW MODEL was  completely redesigned to improve efficiency, convenience and appearance.

We have two models available SPB33  http://www.vocalboothtogo.co.uk/product/soundproof-sound-booth-33

and SPB66 http://www.vocalboothtogo.co.uk/product/soundproof-vocal-booth-spb66-drum-room-soundproofing/ in limited quantities.

The PreSale starts June 15, 2018.

(NOTE: The earlier you make the purchase, the larger discount you get.)

Save 20% off by taking advantage of this offer between June 15, 2018   and June 25, 2018
Use coupon spb-20. ( expires June 25. 2018).

Save 15% off by advantage of this offer between June 26, 2018   and July 025, 2018
Use coupon spb-15. ( expires July 06. 2018).

Save 10% off by advantage of this offer between July 06, 2018   and July 15, 2018
Use coupon spb-10. ( expires July 16. 2018).

and Just for procrastinators we will extend the discount time from July 16 to July 20, 2018 – Use coupon Code spb-5 for “Better late than never! ” 5% off.

We have two models available SPB33 http://www.vocalboothtogo.co.uk/product/soundproof-sound-booth-33 and SPB66 http://www.vocalboothtogo.co.uk/product/soundproof-vocal-booth-spb66-drum-room-soundproofing/ in limited quantities. So do not wait – order now!

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We are also introducing new size of acoustic blankets – Studio size VB77G and VB76 G which are 3 meter tall and 2 meter wide, which quickly became very popular in the United states among Broadcast and radio stations and professional audio recording studios.