Vocal Booth To Go Blanket


Acoustic Blankets for sound absorption PRODUCER'S CHOICE designed to be used for acoustic room treatment, sound absorption panels,…

Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booths AVB series and Portable Vocal Booths - Carry-on Pro, designed to make your recording…

Mobile soundproof(er) sound booths (SPB series) are sound isolation enclosures designed to combine superior soundproofing and acoustic quality…

In this category you can find Equipment and accessories you need to set up your voice over recording…


      Ode to Carry-on Vocal Booth to Go!

Do you like to travel man?

But my work? I am in a jam!

If you travel over there

Would you record it here or there?

I wouldn’t like record it here.

I would like record it there.
I want to record it ANYWHERE!

                                                               I am not some sneaky wuss

                                                               I will get recording booth!

                                                               I will take it on a plane and I till take on a train.

                                                               I can go on and on

                                                               If I have the CARRY ON!

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